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Are men who masterbate to japanese erotic loli comics/illustrations pedophiles?

I would say "FUCK NO!". The biggest reason is that 2D very rarely tends to mimic the look or psychology of actual children. Real children don't have weird shaped eyes, cat ears, fangs or the numerous other over extravagant and sometimes clearly exaggerated features an actual flesh and blood child possesses. Plus lolis in anime/manga tend be far less obnoxious and annoying then the ones in reality, not to mention are often times uncharacteristically provocative. 

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Drawn pornographic material represents what people can't get in the physical world. Perfection. That's why weebs/otaku/incels have sworn off flesh and blood women. Because they either believe there somehow inferior to the quote unquote "perfection" posed by 2D or because there just losers. One or the others. These artists know what nerds want and thus there able to cater to them personally. Not to what is physically plausible. But rather their own unrealistic expectations.   


There's a world of difference between what is depicted in fictional artwork and the real thing. I agree that if you fap to actual child porn you should be in jail. Or at the very least see a psychiatrist. I don’t understand why any adult past their twenties would want to peruse a relationship with a small child. The level of maturity both physically and psychologically is so vast that I can’t see any possible way that it would be mutually beneficial for either party. Weather it was legal or otherwise. I say the men who jack off to erotic loli artwork are no more fucked up then the 40 year old virgins who fap to regular porn. Sure there losers, but there not sick.     


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This is my first post here so just read my OP. This is my first post here so just read my OP. This is my first post here so just read my OP. This is my first post here so just read my OP.

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