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 Are our boys having too much fun? (7)

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Are our boys having too much fun?

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HEY joe, don't diss or make fun of the military. I personally find it offensive that someone would think that the military isn't taking their job seriously.

and i highly DOUBT that some of those pictures aren't staged.

Tonicole, you misunderstood. I was not making fun of the military. I come from a military family. I myself served in the U.S. Army.

The pictures were taken by military men and women staging the shots and showing that things aren't all bad. You know, they're making the best of it. They're not whining. Like my brother in law (navy seal) says, "Suck it up! Hoa!"

Ah hell, they're just blowing off steam ;)

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They need a few laughs after all the hell they've seen.

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won't the feminazis want this removed because of the purse one?

and won't the immigration anarchists call the comment at the end racist?

Screw them. I'm fed up with political correctness. There's all this talk about "no such thing as God" and "Evolution is a fact" and yet those same people seem to want to protect folks that otherwise would have gotten shot by now! If there's no such thing as God and if Evolution is a fact, then lets take out the imbeciles.

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soldiers arent always on duty... they get breaks too just like us. i mean what else can they do when they got guns bombs and sometimes even some bikes.