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Are paedophiles 'normal' people?


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Please define "normal" because no one is normal. Everyone is different and has their own fantasies and who are we to say that fantasizing about underage people is any different than fantasizing about the elderly or about 2 girls 1 cup kinda stuff?

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The first question that needs answering is how do we define 'normal'?

Right from the get go I don't believe that you can have an adequate definition of 'normality' even on the basis of anthropology and biology.

In short, normality is subjective.

A paedophile is a person. Most have 2 arms, 2 legs, a mouth, a nose, eyes, a brain and all the other bits and pieces that make a human and are to this extent 'normal'.

Please, think with your head before you make stupid debates.

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To use the word "normal" for the purpose of this debate is ludicrous. I think a better choice of wording might have set the content of the debate up for clear ideas and answers. To have most everyone debate the word normal doesn't quite hit the mark.

Pedophilia is an overt sexual act or fantasy which usually includes pre-pubescent children. It is not known what causes this aberrant behavior nor what may be able to cure it, however, it is considered a psychological disorder. Thus, the pedophile cannot be "normal" as compared to the overwhelming number of people in the world who have no such fantasies.

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Normality debates are quite useless, yes. Although this one smells important enough. We have this pedo-problem in which innocent children are being awfully treated by anonymous adults with a bold question mark on their forehead.

The reason we don't like this kind of relationships in our planet, the reason we want to stop hear about is that those kids cannot agree to everything that the adult desires to do.

I don't know anything for sure about any effects of early age exposure to sexuality, but rumor says they grow up to be queer, one way or another.

Unknown's argument states that there is a normal state in which a pedophile cannot take part of. Why? Chicken adds that it is because they do not have the morality to comprehend the effect of their deeds.

And I agree that all knowledge on pedophilia states, not clearly, but heavily suggests, that those people "just can't get it".

Then the thing about them had nothing to do with normality, except to shorten what really bothers, that it is their inability to think out, feel guilt, and control themselves that dazzles our wicked, fake march to purity's whispers.

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They are

most of them just have a mental disease causing them to make choices that generally people wouldn't

thats why we have the insanity plea

they are people with a disease pushing them into a place that the law restricts them to be in

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i don't know what "normal" is, but pedophilia has been researched as an incurable mental disease, so a pedophile could possibly be no more "normal" than someone diagnosed with depression or mania...

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IpsiDixit(10) Disputed
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Homosexuality was once considered a mental illness by the same people who now consider pedosexuality to be so. But now it's okay. The reason: gay and lesbian activism. Such militant activism by pedophile groups could bring about a similar result for pedophilia.

When the psychiatric profession uses moral, social and political criteria for the diagnosis of mental illness rather than purely scientific criteria it cannot be trusted and brings itself into disrepute. What goes for homosexuality should logically follow for pedophilia too. To do otherwise would not make sense.

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they are outside the norm of mainstream society and what we accept when it comes to sex.

so no.

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What is humorous on the "yay" side, is many people are asking to define the easy answer is just that......If "normal" can not be objectively defined, than the answer is doesn't matter what person it's pertaining to.....Are {insert any attribute here} people normal.....the answer is thank you for allowing me to conclude this debate. I have officially won....Keep reading, you might actually read enough to be right way day (giggles).

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Who cares if they are normal or not. The question is are we willing to put some child at risk of being abused by giving the pedophile a second chance. I'd rather kill the people on death row and give some fetus a chance at life. I'd rather kill a pedophile than give him a chance to abuse again.

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if they were 'normal' people they would have morals telling them that what they're doing is wrong

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IpsiDixit(10) Disputed
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And does that go for homosexuals too? Many people consider anal sex in general and homosexual anal sex in particular repugnant and hence morally wrong. And until the 1980s and '90s in most Western European, US and Canadian jurisdictions it was illegal whether consent was given or not.

Apparently the state seems to be dictating our morals for us.

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Pedophiles are not normal people. There had to be something WRONG if u fantasize about and abuse children. That is disgusting!

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no they are not normal people. what normal person wakes up in the morning and says that omg they feel like sexually assulting a little kid. that is sick and perverted. any one who says they are normal people obviously have not got kids or no of any kids and forgot when they were kids. like the people who forgot when they were kids they should remember back and think how would they like to be sexually assulted as they were younger. that is just sick and gross and anyone who says yes to this needs to be shot

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