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Are particles what create fields or are fields what create particles?


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Everything is a field. There are different fields but they interact. The interaction give the particles mass.

Think of us detecting mass as us seeing a point on a wave. Now think of air and water as fields. If there is no wind, there are no points because there are no waves on a lake. We cannot detect a particle with mass. But if we excite the air, it interacts with the water creating waves and we can focus on a specific point on a wave. We detect a particle with mass.

That's the best I can do ;)

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Instead of thinking about seeing a point on a wave, think of it as being able to measure the force of the wave. A tsunami carries a lot of force. This is viewed as mass. If there are no waves, there is no force. There is no mass. When we "shoot electrons" at the double slit (in the double slit experiment) we are shooting a wave of the electron field (an electron wave).

Think of a wave pool in a water park. A wall moves forward, compressing the water field and thus creates a wave. When we "shoot electrons" we are compressing the electron field and creating an electron wave. This wave then passes through both slits and the resultant waves interfere with each other thus creating the pattern viewed in the double slit experiment.

Simple ;)

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Somehow I don't think this is the place to be asking complex physics questions.

Any answer you get here will be bullshit, or the result of a quick google search (probably still bullshit). It's hardly likely that someone will give an answer worthy of a Nobel prize on

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Most people are just here to spew partisan rhetoric at their equally narrow/simple minded political adversaries.

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Only a methamphetamine addled crackpot nutcase could believe that reality consists of magic teleporting wank nuggets that manifest and disappear from nothing. Particles are oscillations in a field and they are made of field.

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There were neither pre big bang. Nor was there time.*

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