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Are posts missing?

It looks like posts are being deleted. Am I the only one experiecing this? I lost everything I have written since the 29th december.

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There's some debates that don't seem to have any answers, but the system registers that the for and against positions have points.

Definitely. I thought it was just one debate at first because I checked a few others and they were fine, but I've seen a couple other examples since. Strange...

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Yeah, I would really like those answers back though. Some of them I spent quite some time writing...  

Just now I refreshed a debate I had open. There was only one argument, and the argument author changed from Nebeling to thousandin1 before my eyes.

It's probably some kind of trick for Prodigee to gain points.

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Just another CreateDebate SNAFU... that or it's Prodigee fucking around.

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I am so happy he is banned know we get to go back to are normal debating.

Yes. I posted a potato but then it was gone.... I saw a trail of starch though....

Oh thank goodness it's not just me, I was thinking it was something bad that had happened to my account. All my arguments have been deleted up until 4 days ago.