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Do we need them? Of course not!
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Are shots necessary?

I personally have never gotten a shot in my life.  Even though I am never sick and never have anything medical go on in my life I still get the stupid questions like,

"Is that even legal?"

"Shouldn't you be dead?"

"Your gonna die if you don't get one!"


I just wanted to know your guy's opinions on this subject.

Do we need them?

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Of course not!

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Shots are necessary for many because they allow the immune system to be prepared for a specific disease. Many people around the world die because their body can't fight off certain illnesses, and vaccines are a way to protect the body from the attacks of different diseases. Shots also prevent people from getting the disease in the first place; people who could spread the disease and cause an epidemic. This is why it is important for people to have vaccinations.

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Yes we do need them. Without them, there would only be limited things we could do to keep ourselves healthy. Vaccines add an extra boost to the only control we have.

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I never liked needles so I am no fan. I think flu shots are not necessary.

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I never liked shots and I don't think children should be given shots because they cause some pain.

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Well if you really think about it , the flu vaccination is really a shot that if is filled with some of the actual flu virus so NO

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