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ARE A waste of time and money not a waste
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Are the Olympics A Waste of Time and Money?

of course not it promotes peace and harmony!!!!!!!

ARE A waste of time and money

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not a waste

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I don't care for Sports competitions, so, to me the Olympics are a waste of time and money.

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THOUSANDS of years ago, warring countries would stop fighting for a month – and take part instead in the Ancient Olympic Games this proves that the Olympics had, and still have, the power to stop war.

According to the International Olympic Committee, the Olympics "have always brought people together in peace to respect universal moral principles. The Games feature athletes from all over the world and help promote the Olympic spirit." Taken together, the sport events send a clear message to the many world leaders, organizations, and athletes trying to use sports to pave the road to world peace.

The Olympic Games originated earlier than 3000 years ago. They were initially contests between neighbouring city-states or nations. These city-states were almost continually at war with one another. All wars were suspended during the Olympic Games. While each nation displays their national pride, culture, and heritage; for a couple of weeks every four years we realize that we have much more in common than we think. The Olympic Games are a valuable event where the nations of the world can come together under one roof and compete together without the racism and violence.

The Olympics brought the world together for friendly athletic competition and it has also been held through WW2; although the whole world was in war with each other, we put that all aside and the Olympics were still held through the Second World War.

The Olympics are a way of promoting peace and harmony between warring nations alongside the athletic competitions

War is a waste of money. The Olympic Games bring all nations together in an environment of peace, cooperation and controlled non-violent competition. How could this be a waste of money? And, if we decide not to spend the money on the Olympics, what should we spend it on? Yes, we can spend the money on things like poverty but where is the guarantee that it will not be wasted in corruption.

After looking at all the arguments it has become completely simple to understand that the Olympics are worth the trouble and money. The Olympics Games are a very legendary and important traditional event that dates back to 3,000 years back. It is an international event about 3000 years’ old promoting peace and harmony even today. The Olympics also give the opportunity to promote tourism and the athletes are enabled to showcase their ability and are able to represent and do something for their country. As the positive side mentioned before about the cost, the money is not wasted but valuably used even after the Olympics, the same go’s with training the athletes their ability is not lost after the Olympics but continues to marvel the city. The Olympic Games is a very important tradition that is not a waste of money. The Olympics are a very special event. You have the most talented athletes across the globe competing and showing us what they are really capable of. Think of the revenue that is generated by just the athletes alone. Some travel with family and need a place to stay. Obviously, some local hotel is going to capitalize on that.

Why are we trying to vanish away the excitement in our life? The Olympics only occur once in four years…. And it spreads excitement around the world even in that small period of time. What are we going to get rid of next? CHRISTMAS! That also occurs once in a while and requires money to decorate the city and buy gifts. Or are we going to stop celebrating BIRTHDAYS?

Today if you are banning the Olympics how do we know what you will be banning tomorrow?

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No way! I love watching the Olympics! It just brings the entire world together in a huge friendly sports championship. They might be a waste of money, especially with the opening and closing ceremonies (they don't need to be thaaaatttt elaborate), but not time. I would spend all my time watching the Olympics.

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