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 Are the U.S. and China destined to cooperate or go to war? (2)

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Are the U.S. and China destined to cooperate or go to war?

You'll choose the military or economic angle to argue whether China is friend or foe.
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The US and China are much too involved with each other economically to go to war, and both know they must continue to cooperate to have successful economies. The US and China are two of the largest economies in the world, and need eachother to grow. The US is China’s largest export destination, and the US economy depends on these cheap imports. In fact, US and China’s bolster trades total $649 billion. Finally, China’s foreign direct investment in the US totals over $60 billion dollars, which is essential to both countries. Both the US and China know that they need each other to continue economic growth and stability, which is why going to war is not an option for either country.

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The U.S. and China are destined to go into an Economic War. Just last week, President Trump imposed tariffs on China. Rachel Layne says "President Trump wants to pick an economic fight with china." The U.S. Trade deficit with China is $375 billion, and Trump has called for China to shave $100 billion off that deficit. While this would only affect China's GDP by 0.1% (CNN Money), Trump has angered the Chinese government, and they have retaliated by saying if Trumps tariff go into place, the Chinese government will put their own $60 billion tarrifs on the UN. If this back and forth between China continues, the U.S. is destined to go to economic war with him.