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Are there any logical arguments for a God?

Can you give a logically consistent argument for the existence and influence of a god? An argument free of logical fallacies. You should define what you term "God", then illustrate it's existence and or influence.



Yes, I have a logical argument

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No, Not that I'm aware of.

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God exists as a term. Once that statement is accepted as true, a logical progression can occur that discourages the rampant illogical use of that term.

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atypican(4874) Clarified
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Down Vote without an argument. Now that's class .

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nahga(81) Disputed
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so umm... you actually consider that a logical argument for a god? you think that's what I was asking for? It could be no clearer.

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It's an opening for a logical discussion about the term. Starting with where I assume we can agree. A logical argument must be built on shared assumptions. So if you would like to stop using the term in an illogical manner I can help you with that.

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Teleological argument, cosmological argument, anthropic argument, intelligent design hypothesis, argument from degree. Those are all of the now debunked arguments I can think of for the existence of God.

The ONLY one I can think of that still holds some ground in debate today, is the ontological argument, and even that is dependent on a priori reasoning, so there lacks empirical grounds.

I'm still waiting for someone to come on and claim that the Bible is a logical argument for the existence of God. Religion: sponsored by circular logic.

From what I've seen, many theists today don't even bother to come up with new, logical arguments for God anyway. They just seem to moan about how the atheists are evilly persecuting them, and constantly try to refute new, innovative ideas with 2000 year old, ridiculous doctrine

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The problem with the ontological argument is that while it does make an a priori assumption, that is still not a good justification for why the argument is invalid.

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Religion as a whole is illogical, and therefore there's no logical start to it as well. Meaning there's no logical argument for a God. Only "faith", which is also illogical.

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Srom(12207) Disputed
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Faith is a logical for God because it is impossible to please God without faith that is what the Bible says .

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Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
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Faith is highly illogical, it's believing something based on nothing. I'm not saying it's bad, just that it's illogical.

Why do you keep using the bible when everyone disputes it so harshly and easily? This is a debate site and you get no where by the way you "debate".

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nahga(81) Clarified
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judging from the number of logical rebuttals i have to say that theists agree. or at least they certainly appear to be silenced. only one theist has even attempted a logical argument, and he obviously has no grasp of logic whatsoever. oh well.

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Of course not. Everything that is considered "miraculous" is really just an event in which there is a slight chance an occurance will be the result. Science can answer everything... it's just whether or not our methods of finding out something are advanced enough.

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I'm not hear to say that no one can find a logical argument for god, and if they do I'd love to hear it, but the entire religious concept is illogical at its very core, and there is no religion, that I know of that has solved that flawed core concepts yet.

Every religion has its key points that can always be found to be logically flawed if inspected.

Hence why I am an atheist, not because my father is, because he isn't an advocate for atheism, not because anyone in my outter family is, because they aren't, but because I studied religion, and atheism. I don't mean to be offensive, but I cannot for the life of me logically believe in something with 0 logical proof.

Oh, and just to say this now, if your going to argue "How do you know there is no god! Or prove there isn't a god!" I would like to compare this to the court system, YOU carry the burden of proof; not I! If I claim there's a flying spaghetti monster, it is my job to prove it before i expect you to believe it. I don't expect you to force me out of my beliefs that aren't based in anything in the first place.

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