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Good trolls, yes yes... All trolls disgusting
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Are there good trolls, or are they all morally unsound?

Tell us your opinion on trolling.

Good trolls, yes yes...

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All trolls disgusting

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The only good troll is the one with an occasional sense of humor. The only point of being a loud mouth stirring up trouble on a site like this is the occasional humor in it. If you're devoid of humor than you might as well just be a virus that crashes the site itself.

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AlofRI(2996) Clarified
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I always want to be a good troll! I do the best I can! Occasionally, it's VERY difficult o find ANY humor when the wrongs are coming from the right people. If ya know what I mean? ;-)

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There are some good trolls, but as someone else said, the best ones are the ones with humor. Others can be just awful, not in that they troll others but that they just fail so miserably at trolling.

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Good trolls.. hmm.. what do you mean by that? "good" troll as in being good in trolling or some morality is involved here? let's just say it's the second case, it's pretty obvious that a troll who supports your view would then automatically become "good" and who opposes would become "bad"..

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I mean - can you be a decent human being and a debate troll?

(I changed the title to be more specific)

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Of course one can, when you are sure to do any good (if you believe you're doing so), whether offensive to another or not, can be put up..

All this on one condition.. you should be able to put forward your views, crystal clear, if you're asked to do so. (that's what debates are about afterall)

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AlofRI(2996) Clarified
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To be more specific............It takes practice. The first thing you have to be is "a decent human being". One that looks at BOTH sides of an argument and decides what is.... er....correct.

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Some trolls are just in it for the fun and they succeed in making people laugh, even when they are the subject of said trolling. Those kind of trolls are the best kind of trolls.

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