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Are there jobs where ones' morals should be held higher than the ethics of society?

For example: A gay day care employee?  A doctor that assists suicides?   Etc.


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I believe that teachers up to the college level should be held to a higher standard than that of typical society. Young people are easily influenced. There is also the fact that schools are funded by taxpayers money and the taxpayer should be given the top of the line, not the bottom of the barrel.

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Our personal morals and society's ethics should both be based upon the good of all.

However politics, religion and justice through our laws may challenge what may be considered socially moral and ethical.

A fundamental flaw is where ideologies challenge economic convenience or necessity,

where a "for the greater good" philosophy underlies many opinions, decisions and actions, where individual morals and society's ethics may disagree.

That is why we need to constantly support public democratic thinking so that people have the right to have a say in decisions and actions that are made in their name.

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