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Are things you see on social media more influential than the Real world?

Jaelyn Young, along with her muslim boy friend, was influenced by Isis propaganda in just four months! (copy and paste the link)


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They absolutely are. That's why influential liberals are trying to censor Facebook by using a ploy about "fake news". But magically, they have no plan to censor CNN or MSNBC, when right now the American people trust the main stream media less than ever according to polls of? Liberals....

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Sure. On social media you can hide behind a cover, you can say what you want and most of the time get away with it until someone calls you out. People who follow or want to believe in the same things you do actually LOOK for you and what you preach and they can do so with little backlash. In public, you are seen. People can physically stop you, verbally stop you and basically do all they can to drown your message out. You are more noticeable and more vulnerable. People can listen in the privacy of their own homes, where in public they are more subject to the whims of passersby.

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Quite interesting you didn't bring up Muslims and why is that...............

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Quite interesting that's all you can focus on.

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Nowadays everyone is on social media. People are on their phones more than they focus on the real world. Social media can say whatever other people want in order to persuade you into buying or doing things and can make anyone look bad. You just need to figure out what's really going on and know what's true and what's just made up by the media. The real world should be your focus on making decisions instead of whatever is on Facebook or Instagram.

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Flappy Flippy Floppy ass...

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