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Vaginas are tougher Balls are tougher
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Are vaginas tougher than balls?

Vaginas are tougher

Side Score: 15

Balls are tougher

Side Score: 5

I have to admit..., vaginas do take a pounding ;)

Side: Vaginas are tougher

When you pound a man in the balls, he cries.

When you pound a woman in a vagina, she asks you to do it harder and faster.

Side: Vaginas are tougher

And deeper ;)

Side: Vaginas are tougher
1 point

Sounds like fun. ;)

Side: Vaginas are tougher

Of course they are. This explains why so many men are pussy whipped.

Side: Vaginas are tougher
-1 points

You ever seen a ballsack survive having a baby pushed through it? Just sayin'. Vaginas are tougher than we give them credit for.

Side: Vaginas are tougher
1 point

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Side: Balls are tougher