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Are vegans/vegetarians overreacting about animal rights?

With the rising social trend of people becoming vegans because the animals we eat are apparently killed in horrendous manners, do you think that the people are overreacting about the entire issue and overlooking the fact that the "survival of the fittest" must go on for us humans, even if that includes killing animals for our own benefit?

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They don't even believe Conservatives have basic rights. They don't believe in anything under the surface. It's all for show to "seem like" they have a purpose and meaning.

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The right not to be contradicted is not a basic right. No one's trying yo impede the rights of the dogmatic unless you consider making them behave in a responsible way an infringement of rights. If eating meat was banned you wouldn't be any more affected then anyone else, you would just whine more

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Animals were put on earth for consumption. Sure, some food industry's are corrupt and treat animals poorly but the majority actually don't. I don't really have a problem with vegetarians cause they're not as annoying as vegans are.

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Sure mate say that in the comfort of your home where you can go to the fridge and get some meat and enjoy the food made on death camps for your first world (empty soulless) luxuries keep in mind while you can say that with confidence and dogmatic pride, a lion will decide the same thing in regards to humans. and no most farms are cruel that's the twenty first century farm get your facts right and stop believing capitalist propaganda.

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I don't agree that everybody should be vegan. However, I would state that one should buy free-range animal products if one can afford it (ideally organic also). The quality of life of animals in factory farms is absolutely abhorrent (Source 1). The unending suffering and boredom drives the animals insane.



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