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Are we alone in the universe?

No way!

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Yep, all alone

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I do not believe we are. Space is believed to be almost infinite. There is bound to be another planet just like ours ( by just like ours I mean able to support life ), there are to many possibilities of life to rule it out hell mars has water on it and Mars is pretty close to us. There is a huge possibility of other life and I believe that there could very well be other life out there in space.

Jon keep these debates up! Its something to do that isn't ridiculous!

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I thought about this question for a while, and I came to the conclusion that both possibilities are irrational.

The conditions needed for life are so improbable, and even then life may not exist. The conditions are very specific.

To think that there is no life outside this planet - this little wet rock flying through space, is pretty lonesome. It doesn't feel good or make much sense.

So, the only logical answer is both yes and no, because until there is proof, we don't know.

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Given the massive size of the universe, The DISTURBINGLY MASSIVE SIZE OF THE UNIVERSE, it is highly unlikely that there is not some other form of 'life' in the universe. Is it the conventional life that we know? Probably not. I believe anything that was not grown on earth will not look like anything that has ever been seen.

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well speaking from math and odds it is highly unlikely we are alone.

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It's very possible that there are planets with life in the universe besides Earth. We just haven't found them yet. It's even a possibility that there is intelligent life in the universe! However, I do not believe we have ever had any contact with them. There are pictures and all, but some of them are too hard to believe. And the believable ones are the ones where it's hard to make out what you're looking at. (I'm speaking of pictures of UFOs.)

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No way. As long as I'm around and can meet the 50 character minimum, you're not alone. ;)

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Read Comics! of course we're not alone :P

no but it really is undefined, tho i wanna say yes.

PPL in the "Olden Dayz" used to think they were the only ones around, however, they found out ppl lived in other prts of the world. The same situation applies here.

We don't kno

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there are other things out there waiting to be discorverd

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I want to believe that there could be another breathing life on this universe. As we all know, our space is infinite, there could always be a huge chance that not so green little man exist somewhere out there. Billion miles away yet to be discovered there could be some piece of rock that are living just like our earth, some living organisms could mutate from there and develop advance technologies, (could also be we were more advance from them) could also be curious about other stars and galaxies and will soon want to communicate with another breathing specie.

Well, that could be a hell of unsupported theories but I still wanted to believe that. Because we will never really know.

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Definately not, there are other planets in the universe that contain intelligent lifeforms that we don't know about. Look at the sky, there are so many stars whose light was directed to us ffrom millions of light years away. When we see the star shinning, that planet or star might be already be gone :]

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basically what Franchiek said. I've always thought that we were not alone... actually, i really didn't switch my position until just now.

The fact is... the idea that we actually have the possibility to exist (not only life, but intelligent life) is practically zero (really, 1 in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion).

some how, we were lucky enough to defeat those odds against us. but how the hell is it possible to happen anywhere else?

But, how can we REALLY be the only intelligent life in the entire Universe? wouldn't it be funny?

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kroticfate(161) Disputed
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It's definately possible for lifeform to appear somewhere else in the vast universe.

The fact that we appeared on earth and multiplied and survived disasters means that there REALLY are intelligent life in the entire universe.

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So you will not be born again :]

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DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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Well those are good points but I have to remember Drakes Equation from prior debates. There is an infinite number of possibilities so you cannot rule it out completely.

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I think so. I am skeptical about other forms of life in the universe.

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