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Are we as a planet totally fucked?


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I think the world is pretty fucked up all right.

People worry about the wrong things, and they're not taking care of what is the real problem.

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If the world keeps following the path that it is going through, then yes, it is fucked. What we have to do to keep it from fucking itself over is pushing for change. There are numerous problems in the world, but all of them are fixable.

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Yes, with all the problems going on with this world from war, global warming, famine, religion, political corruptness, etc. Ya i would say we are completely fucked

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Yes as the world currently faces more global sexuality assault, sex change, hormone mutation whatsoever.

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Yes because people they say that all the wrong things are ok like gay rights, and sucide being illegal and all some other crap that they think its ok when it's really not

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ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
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So, just to get this straight, you think that Homosexuality and Illegal suicide is what's fucking up the planet?

So spiralling debt, limited natural resources, over-population, the upsurge of religious fanaticism and terrorism, increasing xenophobia, separatism, energy needs, poverty, disease particularly the growth of super bugs and Aids, the threat of nuclear and biological warfare, east-west tension, etc. is all because some people think it's OK to openly express their sexual desires and because some people think it's not OK to kill yourself.

I thought you were against the legalisation of suicide.

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Yes we are fucked up, my evidence is the post of one of our youths of which this is a reply to.

His sentiments appear all too common, and the manner that they propagation throughout the generations is appalling.

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Niko(127) Disputed
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What's fucked up is that you're using religious beliefs to say that "we as a planet" are fucked. Gay rights activists aren't hurting anyone. You sound like a Southerner from the 1700s or 1800s. You're worrying about homosexuality and suicide (which is caused by people like you who discriminate homosexuals on a regular basis), and yet, you could be worrying about the economy, over-population, dwindling natural resources, etc, etc, etc. Religion isn't going to help the world; it's separating people instead of unifying them.

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No because there are still bigger problems which are causing great distress to the world. This includes global warming, political corruption and other forms of economic damage to global marketing.

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I do not believe we have the option to give up - taking such a choice is just as bad as anything else currently wrong with the world. What it will take is cooperation and getting our facts straight - Is global warming truly occuring? What can help the global economy and what cannot help it? Why do people think that we're fucked for stupid things like believing homoexuality is okay? <_<

I see no reason why we cannot do these things, with a little effort, time and a lot less pride.

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