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Are we going to kill ourselves?

Our food industry is facacta. Our economy, our government, other country's governments, our citizens, our businesses, our children, lack of sustainability, everything ties into itself with factory farming and genetically modified foods and obesity and bad health and what not the fuck else.

Essentially, I feel we're spiraling downward and no one can stop it.

Do you agree or disagree?

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I thought this qoute about man's progress would fit in nicely here.

"I know not what World War Three will be fought with, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones." Einstein

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Three minutes after you created this debate DaWolfman created a debate in which he stated that this decade shall be about hope.

I, however, am opt to agree with you. Humans, with their innumerable petty skirmishes, shall surely be the end of human existence.

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This reminds me of one of my favorite Tool songs: ├ćnima. I'll try to find a video.

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Lol, I'm a swimmer, but I have an obsession with ice skating. So when i went to take ice skating lessons as an adult the instructor was like: "and what brings you here today?"

and I was like, "Just getting ready in case this whole global warming thing doesn't work out."

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Here it is. Enjoy .

WARNING: Overly proper use of profanity

Some say the end is near...
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By the way I found that story quite amusing. Global warming jokes usually involve 'its not real'.

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Yes, humans are evolving to a point that unless there is a imminent threat from the cosmos, we are the only destroyers of ourselves.

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I believe to the extent that if nothing is done and we continue to blindly live in a world where our music industry, food industry, movie industry, media, political systems, are corrupted from top down, then we will solely be responsible for the demise of our civilization as we know it. Governmental scams like climate change, swine flu, issues such as war (especially nuclear) and famine have to be dealt with in order for things to change. Which brings me to the hope that there is a current shift in consciousness where more and more people are starting to see the real truth of what is going on around us, pushing towards a more peaceful and positive way of living.

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Humans take a lot of killing.

Wipe out massive portions of our population, screw up our environment, mess up our food sources, etc, etc, etc... sure, I find none of those unlikely.

But wiping out the species? Ummm, no. Probably not. Barring people turing insane enough to actually carpet-nuke the planet of course...

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Our food industry is facacta.

Yiddish swear-words, how cute!

To answer your complaints, I do not think it is a downward spiral that will lead to our destruction. At the very worst it will lead to the collapse of the west, but that's not the same thing (and some would argue that the west must fall for a renewal to begin, anyway).

Our society has always had ups and downs anyway, I doubt this is the greatest and last.

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I believe its in a downward spiral, but im not going to be taken out by my own hand.

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