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Are we required by law to provide a quality life to the animals under our care?


And, if the law doesn't require it, should we anyway?


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You will find none more faithful and loyal to you than the furry friends we take care of. You absolutely should give them the respect and love they deserve. You will be handsomely rewarded.

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You will find none more faithful and loyal to you than the furry friends we take care of.

Hello H:

Does that include the pig you're about to eat?


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HighFalutin(3402) Clarified
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That was 3 days ago. I had a pork chop with steamed vegetables, avocado and taters.

Mmmm, mighty tasty!

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There should be a law for protection of animals also because are living beings they should also protected.

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Although roast cat is quite tasty, (a little like chicken) especially with some ketchup, in the main people tend not to eat their pets.

Meat eaters such as myself along with most of the world's population find easement of conscience, perhaps mistakenly so, in the belief that the animal we're eating was reared caringly and slaughtered as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

The human race has been hunting and killing wild animals for food since time and memorial when, due to our species survival instinct, consideration for the animal's welfare did not enter our life or death quest for food.

I'm certain that when Inuits hunted seals for food and fur they did not, nor indeed could not deliberate on how to minimalize the animal's pain or distress.

The African Hadza tribe can still be described as 'hunters and gathers and I would once again doubt that these hunters give much, if any thought to their prey's wellbeing.

Throughout Africa and other less ''civilized'' nations many people can only survive on bushmeat which involves the killing of bats, monkeys, snakes and rats.


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No, I don't care about the fly that just landed in flypaper. Praise whatever you believe in for flypaper because flies are totally annoying. Like omgosh have you ever been woken up over and over by a fly landing on you?

Factory farming on the other hand is despicable.

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