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MAGA LOVES free speech How STUPID is Musk
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Are you EVER gonna get tired of all this free speech at Twitter??


Twitter Suspends Accounts of Several Journalists Who Covered or Criticized Elon Musk.

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha.

By the way, you can track airplane traffic HERE for FREE.

You'd think a guy who owns a space ship company would know that.  No, huh?


MAGA LOVES free speech

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How STUPID is Musk

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They doxxed him. I'm sure that was an oversight on your part, as if.

My question is: what is the underlying purpose of doxxing if not for hoping some ill will comes the doxee's way? There is no legitimate reason for doing so. Certainly, the doxxer isn't wishing good tidings to the intended target..

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excon(18262) Disputed
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They doxxed him.

Hello High:


They doxxed him by reporting the whereabouts of his private plane with information that can be gathered for free at this public website.

You're silly.


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HighFalutin(3402) Clarified
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Regardless, Twitter has a rule against doing such. You can do it on your webserver it you wish, not Twitters.

Again, what legitimate reason is there for doing so?

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ViceMaga(209) Disputed
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They doxxed him by reporting the whereabouts of his private plane with information that can be gathered for free at this public website

You left out the part where the guy created code to hack who was on planes and who planes belong to that had an alternate PIA on them. In other words, he illegally hacked private information and let the world in on that private information. Your side banned a President directly after he tweeted," If you go to the capitol, be peaceful. Treat the cops with respect. Remember, we are the party of law and order". Their reason given was that he incited violence. Behind the scenes they communicate that there is nothing bad about his tweets and he hasn't violated their TOS. They banned him anyway for life. Musk banned the media personalities that retweeted the doxed material for a week. See the difference?

Here is Snopes account of the incident:

"My plane is actually not trackable without using non-public data," Musk tweeted. He tweeted that Sweeney "was not posting public information" when he published the location of Musk's private jet. "Elon had a 'PIA' which seeks to protect the privacy of entities using private aircraft."

According to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website, "PIA" referred to Privacy ICAO Address programs, which "enable interested aircraft owners to request an alternate, temporary ICAO aircraft address, which will not be assigned to the owner in the Civil Aviation Registry (CAR)." ICAO is an acronym for the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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Excon 1 month ago: private company

What is your point? That it's still a private company? Heck, the leftist owners before said they were for free speech. Just think, if you'd joined with the right before, he wouldn't be able to ban them. But you did not do that because you were too busy with your political religion to think about America itself. So guess what? This guy is going to ban whoever he wants, and it's your fault. You owe the entire site an apology for giving Musk this power.

You'd think a guy who owns a space ship company would know that. No, huh?

You finally came to the realization that "experts" do not always possess wisdom or good intent. Don't you feel smarter now that you've admitted it instead of having your head shoved directly up a billionaire's ass for once? Just think, if he still claimed to be a Democrat, you'd be telling me how wonderful this guy is because your political religion demands it.

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