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Are you firmly on team TERF (trans-exclusionary radical femnists)?

Do people need ovaries in order to be considered women?
Should women view transwomen the same way black people view white people wearing black face?


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Nothing to ''worry about''.

A biological woman is someone who has female genitalia, can bear children and has two X chromosomes.

If she identifies as a male, that's absolutely fine and should be treated with the same respect as normal people.

However, such people have, to a greater or lesser degree psychological problems and would need to be regularly counselled by psychiatrists who specialize in the foggy world of gender benders.

Anyone with male genitalia, with X and Y chromosomes must be classified as males.

Once more, if these biological men consider themselves to be of the female gender their condition should be recognized and they must be respected just the same as anyone else with a mental disorder.

They too would need to be required to visit a shrink at frequencies determined by the severity of their mental illness.

All sports should have four categories;- male-- female-- along with male and female transgenders.


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I find that the less I care about, the happier I am ;)

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