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Yes, let Trump be autocratic No, prefer Democracy
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 Yes, let Trump be autocratic (4)
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Are you for or against an Autocratic Leader

Trump is showing strong Autocratic tendencies. Do you want him to continue to be autocratic or not. He can accomplish more being an autocrat. 

Yes, let Trump be autocratic

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No, prefer Democracy

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Pay real close attention Ryan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

America is a Constitutional Republic

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This, to me, boils down to the following:

If it's (a) morally benevolent and intellectually superior leader(s) and regime, I support autocracy.

If the leader(s) and the regime are too far away from those 2 polarities but, the leader/s doesn't/don't deserve their power and we're better off with mob rule.

Side: Yes, let Trump be autocratic

I don’t believe totally in democracy because the majority are ignorant and will vote ignorantantly. I believe whole heartedly in GENIUS-acracy!! The top 5% of population should rule.

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Trump is loved by his base but he is acting Autocratic. Autocracy brings down Democracy. Is this what you want?

Supporting Evidence: Trump an Autocrat? (
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I prefer neither autocracy nor democracy.

Autocracy is flawed because it contradicts the basic human desire for freedom.

Democracy is flawed because the average person is literally stupid, so we get a system representative of stupid people. And, ironically, that system closely resembles an autocracy.

Side: No, prefer Democracy
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Your argument makes sense but the argument asks you to choose one of the two and the fact is that it is what is being presented to us now.

Side: Yes, let Trump be autocratic
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Autocracy allows the Autocrat to do what he wants without any controls.

Side: No, prefer Democracy