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Are you for or against installing artificial turf for lawns?

We recently decided to create a lawn in our front yard, so it can look a little better and well organised. We already chose a turf laying contractor and had an on-spot consultation. Everything went great, they gave us a couple of options and we even chose. But what made a very weird impression on me is the fact that they mentioned that almost half of their clients choose the synthetic turf, mostly because it's a cheaper version and it doesn't require lots of maintenance. But it's also not real grass, so the whole idea of being closer to nature just gets lost. So, what do you think? Are you for or against artificial turf? Would you install such a thing on your property? Here's a video too, so you can see how unnatural that looks -

So, I'm against? Where do you stand on that matter?


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Sure, why not?

In some areas where it gets crazy hot and dry in the summer and the cities or counties instill watering restrictions, artificial turf makes good sense!

Beside, you mentioned getting back to nature?

What is more in line to getting back to nature than conserving water?

Do you know the true story behind the invention of Astro Turf by Monsanto? Back in the 1960s?

If you don't and would like to, let me know. It's very interesting.

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It totally depends on users choice whether they want artificial turf or original one . Choose a suitable one that is easier for maintenance .

Supporting Evidence: gardening northside (
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We have a very cold winter here and for couple of years my natural grass was going dead and i had to re-buy and replant it every year in spring in order to keep the good look of my backyard, but once i got my synthetic grass i am able to have a beautiful garden year-wide.

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Artificial turf requires minimal upkeep compared to natural grass. It eliminates the need for watering, mowing, and fertilizing, potentially saving time, money, and water resources. Follow this lawn care experts norman ok!

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There are indeed places that need artificial turf (they may be too hot and dry for living things to grow or may get trampled by too many feet). But those places are pretty rare. If you can grow grass then grow it. Just pick something hardy and requiring virtually no maintenance. And if that doesn't appeal to you then pick some other type of surfaces entirely (gravel, pavement, garden plants, etc.)

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