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Fair is fair It's OUR police state
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Are you good with Trump bugging and spying on the Biden campaign?

Fair is fair

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It's OUR police state

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I'm actually not too worried about it. When "the John" gets information even from his right-wing buddies, he usually uses it stupidly ... like the 74 yr. old ANTIFA who sacrificed his head for "the cause" .... really?? The John would do better to read his morning intelligence report and do something about THAT!

What? ....wait ... NO! If he Fked THAT up we'd be in REAL Trouble!

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Amarel(5563) Clarified
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It's nice to finally see some intellectual consistency. For my part, I think it would be terribly criminal for the Trump administration to do such a thing. Hopefully it's a precedent that can be reversed.

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It's nice to finally see some intellectual consistency.

Amarel, intellectualism is not making a series of inconsistent claims which contradict the current body of research and are supported only by an arrogantly authoritative tone. That's called delusion. It's something different.

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