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Prolife. Prochoice.
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Are you prolife, or prochoice?


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I'm prolife unless there is some kind of rare, extreme emergency. Late term abortion just to abort is borderline murder. Letting the baby out of the mother, then killing it is murder.

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I agree. Maybe if liberal demanded free healthcare for unborn babies, people would take them seriously. Pro child my ass.

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AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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Just exactly what AOC, Bernie, and even Hillary wanted! (Along with the actually BORN babies AND their mothers, etc.!) We HAVE to concentrate on REAL LIVES that have friends, jobs, family, responsibilities, etc. because, well, they have responsibilities! My wife had responsibilities, they were 6-8 years. The "viable baby", sadly, had NONE yet! The CHOICE had to be made. The CHOICE is important!

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I'm with the large majority of Americans … and the SCOTUS. Pro-life, but, there must be choice.

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AKJVPrewrath(64) Disputed
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So you are for prenatal homicide when you used to be a zygote? Hypocrite. If you don't want a baby, use contraception.

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AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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How am I a hypocrite? I have always had the same opinion. @82 I don't think I'll be making any more babies, contraception or not. That may make little difference to the younger if the evangelical's get their way and abolish contraception … except for holding an aspirin between your knees. ;-)

By the way, capitalists have made contraception so expensive many poor women can't afford it. (Bring back Planned Parenthood!) There's a bit of hypocrite for ya!

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I'm in the middle. I think from a moral point of view, it is wrong to kill a fetus because it's a living being with its own feeling and emotions.

But from a societal point of view, it's wrong to have the government involvement in a personal is for most people

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