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Armed ANTIFA tries to take over state capital. Left forgets what insurrection means

That was then

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With the aid of the leftist main stream media the social/progressives and their military wing, A.N.T.I.F.A., are becoming the dominant political force in the U.S.

With the so called President being unable to properly walk, talk or think, the burning questions are;-

1)what sinister group ensured that such a blithering idiot was nominated as the Presidential candidate for the Democrats?

2) Who is really running the country?

3) Whose agenda/policies is he promoting?

4) As kamala is being 'groomed for stardom' when will she assume the role of President.

5) When will Biden's shadowy puppeteers let the dotting, senile old man go to his rest home where he can spend his last few years on earth believing he is President and enjoy himself signing Toy-Town Executive-Orders by the hundreds ?

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This sort of activity from the left, is nothing new. They've shown that they are completely fine with everything from terrorism, to strait up murder at this point. So no one is actually surprised about any of this.

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Mongele(521) Clarified
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You're correct, no one is surprised, but most decent folk, are horrified at the barbarity of this paramilitary wing of the loony-left Democrat party.

The atrocities committed by these insurgents can be attributed to the speeches of incitement by A.O.C., NANCY ( HAIRDO ) PELOSI and Kamala while Biden is trying to remember whether its breakfast time or bedtime.

You really couldn't make it up.


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