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Arrow or Flash?

Arrow is Awesome

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flash is fabulous.....i like him more than arrow.i am not saying that arrow is bad..anyway i know about flash much more than arrow :)

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MuckaMcCaw(1969) Clarified
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I like Flash more than Green Arrow as well, but I was specifically referring to the TV Series'. I apologize if I was not clear.

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Admittedly I am biased here. In my collection of DC comics I have some justice league, a smattering of Flash and no Green Arrow. I guess Oliver never resonated with me. I have always liked Barry. He always had fun lines and an interesting relationship with other heroes in the Justice League. His freindship with Batman has some of the more fun banter, kind of a funny guy/straight man routine going on.

As for the tv series I haven't seen much but occasionally check out episodes with a buddy. The current Green Arrow series feels like they just rewrote the Batman Begins movie. Incredibly rich kid, parents die, kid goes off soul searching n comes back a badass. The change is that Oliver does not have his families fortune when he gets back but still has connections.

Some of the fight scenes in Green Arrow are well choreographed though.

I guess the older me wants a new or more in depth story. Time will tell if I eventually am won over by Green Arrow.

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