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 As an atheist, do you sometimes feel the need for spirituality? (13)

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As an atheist, do you sometimes feel the need for spirituality?

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Short answer: not really.

Longer Answer:

I find that reality is astounding enough that I don't have to look to the supernatural to find "spirituality" (although in my mind the word is somewhat vague). Nature is really amazing, and I do find inspiration from it. One of my hobbies is photography, and nature is a common subject choice for me. Natural beauty can be absolutely breathtaking, and I often find myself in awe of the world we live in.

The study of nature, science, has also always been of interest to me. There's so much to know from distant superclusters of galaxies, to events at the atomic level so small that they are barely visible without the most sensitive of equipment. I've never understood why people would spend so much time on the idea of the spirit when reality is... for lack of a better term, fucking awesome.

As far as intangibles like human emotion, and ideas, I find that art, be it a movie, a book, a song, or a painting more than fill any "gap" that religion might leave in a person. And unlike a religious text, which often are taken dogmatically, I can think critically about what I'm seeing and determine if I agree with the messages being presented. I do feel moved when I read a good book (like Huckleberry Fin, Into the Wild, or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) watch a good movie (like Cool Hand Luke, City of God or The Emerald Forest) or look at a great work of art (like Picasso's Guernica) because I know what I am seeing is the artist capturing universal truths about humanity.

I was raised religious, but am now an atheist, and can say with confidence that I do not feel the need for spirituality...who needs it in a world as interesting as ours?

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I agree.

I have always wondered about things like the spirituality. For instance, if the soul is "The energy which comprises your true self", then wouldn't it be easily explainable as an extension of modern science? I mean, if all matter is energy condensed, then all of us are indeed energy. In times before the rise of empiricism, in a world where you'd get tortured to death if you weren't christian in the right way, wouldn't that be an astonishingly simple metaphor for what would in the future become science, but would at the time be considered absolute heresy unless given a religious spin?

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My "spiritualism" comes from the recognition that I am related to all people and to all life on Earth biologically, to the planet chemically, and to the universe atomically. That looks like the end-all for me, which is fine because it kicks the shit out of a burning bush or a stroll on the water 10 rounds out of 10.

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I have spirituality. Through yoga, meditation, veganism, and all of this other New Age bullshit, I've begun to discover my spirituality, although I have the rest of my life to develop it.

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xander(438) Disputed
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If you think it's bullshit, then why are you doing it? It seems that yoiu would have a negative self fulfilling prophecy there?

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It was actually supposed to be sarcastic, but I do think it's bullshit when it's overdone and absurd and goes way too far. Much like everything else.

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Depends on what you mean by spirituality.

I do think I expirence and enjoy moments that are probably quite similar to what religious people call spiritual awakening. I could even give you a handfull of ways for inciting those moments to happen more often.

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I'm guessing spirituality has to do with spirits and a deity. If that's the case, than no.

I turn more to philosophy. In fact, that's usually how I think, philosophically. This is mainly why I don't completely agree with the average Atheist. While I don't believe that there is a God, I don't believe that there is NO God. Through Philosophy I've debated the issue of the supernatural over and over again in my head, and that tends to suit me just fine. This is mainly because I come to the conclusion that reality is a lot more complicated than people like to think. The idea that reality itself is beyond what some would see as natural is enough of a "spiritual" feeling.

Although, personally I do believe that psychics are possible. I've met one who has made SPECIFIC (not vague Nostradamus shit) predictions that came true. She's just an old lady in a trailer who doesn't charge for her services and she only does it for close family members. Although, I don't use this to defend psychics. I do believe that 99% of them are fakes. But is the family psychic real because of spirits or just some weird, natural occurrence? Who the fuck knows.

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Spirituality? Maybe a bit. I do not believe in a greater being, but I have faith in the good of people in general; I have faith in the beauty of life; I have faith in the power of everyday people to create great change. Perhaps this is what you might call a religion of sorts, or a philosophy; perhaps you might say I’m not an atheist. I do not think this is supernatural, merely the potential in the everyday. I find my trust in strangers to be immensely comforting at times; petty arguments are eclipsed by the thought that, every day, strangers save each other. I have faith in humanity, which is more comforting to me than the idea of a cold god, indifferent to human suffering.

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No, I get a feeling of awe when I think that in a weird (and long winded) way I'm related to every single person, and likely every single life form as well. But no, no "need" for spirituality.

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But in anything real, there is always some doubt no matter how miniscule.

So the question being, "do you sometimes...?" yes, but very very rarely.

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