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Hell, yes - make an example! Nah, just regulate better
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As an enemy of public health, should Monsanto, INC be dissolved?

From the makers of Agent Orange

Hell, yes - make an example!

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Nah, just regulate better

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An example must be made because if it isn't and we decide to just "regulate" it better nothing will happen.

We need to show that we won't tolerate companies that make products that are not only dangerous to humans but also wildlife. For too long are the monetary gains of business seen as more important than the health of people and animals.

By not showing a stance against this crime we are accepting it as just business as usual.

Its a sad article and i bet it wouldn't take much effort to find more with such terrifying truths.

Side: Hell, yes - make an example!
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I don't even know what to say after reading this article. I hate to jump to conclusions but it sounds like Roundup may have played a major role in declining frog populations.

And not only that, but leveraging genetic modification and your own company's pesticide to kill natural competition to your GM crops (which cannot be contained in the wild)? This company is a menace to the planet.

Supporting Evidence: The disappearing frogs (
Side: Hell, yes - make an example!
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Wow, that is a really disturbing article but it sounds like "more studies are needed" before Monsanto can be found guilty of covering up the ill-effects of RoundUp. This sounds like the tobacco is hazardous to your health fiasco all over again. Except this time, all you have to be doing is eating food! Yikes!

Side: Hell, yes - make an example!
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Of course, what entity has the power or judgment to go about dissolving irresponsible corporations....

Could it be, individuals...?

Supporting Evidence: Brazilians sabotage Monsanto GM crops (
Side: Hell, yes - make an example!
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