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Atheists Stumped By Simple Question About Evolution

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He was attempting to answer an illegitimate question. There is no need to add "new information" to a genome anymore than there is need to add new letters to the English language every time we come up with a new word, and his answer was an attempt at demonstrating one error in understanding that people have regarding it.

Since "new information" is not a properly identified term in genetics, if somebody asked me that question, I would have to ask them to specify what they mean by that.

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You are banned for spreading heresy about evolution and the creation debate.

JackassTruth(83) Disputed Banned
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MuckaMcCaw just answered this perfectly, and you banned him for his proper answer. Because you ban people who spread heresy, you are forever going to be stuck with your ignorant, bias opinion.

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New information isn't necessarily needed.

Look at the words 'steal' and 'least.' No new information is needed here, just a rearrangement of the existing letters to create a new word.

Transcription errors and the like can result in rearranging of existing nucleotide sequences- this is one of the ways that mutations occur.

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It is unfortunate that Dawkins was "stumped" there. The fact that he paused at all was bad, I can admit that.

If you want an answer to the question, it is possible to add information. There are mutations that cause an entire gene to be duplicated. With these replication errors, the DNA size is actually increased. It is kind of like reading a book and accidentally reading the sentence you had just read. You only read 1 page, but it was longer than expected. After the extra DNA is added, one of the genes can stay intact while the other gene starts mutating. So, you don't lose any information because one gene works, and the new gene can mutate into something new, and more information has been added. That's how it can happen. Hopefully it won't be considered heresy.

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He took about 25 seconds to answer a question. Christians generally don't think generally take that long to answer question of science.

Average Athiest:"Mr Christian, what is-"

Average Christian: "GOD!"

AA: "No no, I mean if there was-"


AA: Wait wait, what I mean to say if, for example-"


Ban me if you're as stupid as the average christian ;)

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How dare you go against the opinion of an ignorant, unproven theory.

CoolDude ban this man - he is speaking with facts and logical sense!

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Your responses here are good evidence you deserve victory in your campaign.

CoolDude(67) Disputed
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What campaign? Shouldn't you be nicer to new users and such?

Cartman(18192) Disputed Banned
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You already forgot about your campaign for dumbest person here? Man, you have to be guaranteed. Landslide victory for you I predict.

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Richard Dawkins is proving that evolutionism is a religion. It is funny him trying to show evidence for his fairy tale.

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He wasn't really showing evidence at this point, but I can see how someone like you wouldn't be able to understand any answer he gave.

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So... since everybody with a differing opinion is getting banned from this debate, can I make this post spam-worthy?

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CoolDude(67) Disputed
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