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Atheists and agnostics.. do you believe The Truth exists?

I'm not asking if you know the truth or if the truth can even be known. I am asking whether or not you believe in the truth.

The Truth Is

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There is no truth

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I believe the truth exists, and that it is no more than the way in which things truly exists. There are true answers to questions etc, but this definitely has no weird implications that there is something out there that hears your prayers.

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Yet if you do make prayers, they do exist in Truth and are thus known to Truth.

So your prayers, answered or not, are "heard" by The Truth".

Yet at the same time, belief in The Truth doesn't imply that you believe in prayer at all. You don't believe in prayer, but you do believe The Truth, yet I am sure that if you ask The Truth to answer your questions at least some of these questions eventually become answered.

It is written that God gives The Holy Spirit to those who ask, and The Holy Spirit is The Spirit of Truth. It is not said in vain, if The Truth is what you love above all else, God will lead you and chasten you as a father chastens a son.

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Mack(531) Disputed
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To say something is known to truth or heard by it implies that the truth is some sort of being, and I see no reason to believe that on the basis of what has been said in this debate so far.

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I think you are trying to make a metaphor out of God, which is actually encouraging. It implies that you aren't quite crazy enough to believe there is literally an omnipotent sky fairy watching your every move as if it is somehow important, but it also implies that you aren't quite sane enough to drop the idea completely. Truth does not need to be God in order to be truth. God is a completely unnecessary component to the analysis and definition of truth, and Occam's Razor stipulates there is therefore no need to include him in either.

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Mopac(73) Disputed
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That is what God means, and if you aren't able to get that through studying scripture, in no uncertain terms is this made clear by highly venerated theologians such as Augustine.

Calling God anything other than The Truth is clearly superstition, and an error so catastrophic as to equate God with anything else is bound to lead to a perverse understanding of the divine and writings about the divine.

So no, I don't think it is beneficial to redefine God to satisfy aversion.

I do know that even God deniers can see how arguing against truth is foolish and self defeating. Yet, this is what God means.

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TheNotorious(10) Disputed
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if you aren't able to get that through studying scripture

But the scripture isn't true. The scripture is demonstrably false.

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Dermot(5736) Disputed
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Truth in what, Truth in Lending? There is an Act just for that occasion:

Supporting Evidence: Truth In Lending Act (
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The only truth that exists are facts. All other truths depend on how you spin them ;)

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Mopac(73) Disputed
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Without The Truth there can be no facts. Just as without The Truth, there are no truths.

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What came first, the truth or the fact? ;)

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