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Atheists claim that we are in a computer simulation (which would prove God)


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I have never heard an atheist claim or argue that at all. I have only ever heard it used purely as a hypothetical. Its never proposed that we ARE in a computer simulation. its proposed as "What IF we are in a computer simulation?" and then you go on to discuss how you would or wouldnt be able to prove that. What implications that have for reality. Etc. But you always know its just a hypothetical for the purpose of furthering debate. Its never proposed as a legit argument

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If Simulation Theory and a programmer who designed it is plausable to you, then to reject creationism as illogical is based on a cognitive dissonance and strong confirmation biases that were programmed into you at a young age.

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AveSatanas(4425) Disputed
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I dont think its plausible at all. But it makes for an interesting thought exercise. But thats all it is. Purely a hypothetical thought exercise with no basis in reality whatsoever

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The 'god' (lowercase g) that you are referring to here is not omnipotent but limited in its power, limited in its lifespan and for all we know it's a group of programming aliens not at all a moral authority programming.

This is not at all the Abrahamic, Christian God to whom you are referring.

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You are assuming it is not omnipotent and has a lifespan. You are using the Atheism of the gaps fallacy. Lifespan may be an idea that only exists in our particular matrix.

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Simzy(57) Disputed
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False. The beginning of a being is something that has to be true in all realities.

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If you have no logical problem with alien creators and find the Abrahamic god illogical, then you are exhibiting strong cognitive dissonance and are basing what you can or cannot accept based on confirmation biases. In other words, creators are okay in your mind, just not "the God of Abraham" because he's a "moral authority". You are basing your beliefs on what you want to be true, and what you actually "want to be true", is to have no moral authority.

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