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Australia, Racist?

There has been quite a bit of fuss lately about whether Australians are really that racist.. But are they? What do you guys think?

Personally I don't think we are, not nearly as bad as some may be. But that's just me. I (Being an Australian) hate racism and look down on racist people.



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You just can't ignore all the media reports about the Indians that get bashed. These reports have made Australia world renowned for racism. Someone I know went to Amsterdam in the summer, told a cab driver that she was from Australia, and the cab driver said "oh, Australia, the place where the Indians get bashed". Even in schools and workplaces, people are treated differently because of their races. And it's not just people with dark skin. Italians, for example, are known for being talkative, while Asians are known as being smart. It's sad, I know, but the fact is that Australia is in fact a racist country.

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Would you consider Australia to be the most racist country in the world?

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Well, I can't make an informed decision on that because I don't know how bad it is in other parts of the world, but I maintain that Australia definitely is racist. Whether it's the most racist country in the world is another thing.

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How can anyone say Australia... or Australians are racist? If anything, I would say Australian can be prejudice against certain people but racism is a bit too harsh!!

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