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 Awesome Person Series: Hellno. (26)

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Awesome Person Series: Hellno.

Hellno is a very funny person. He is a free thinker, and if you don't make my mistake and be a butthole to him, he is cool to get along with. What do you like about Hello?

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What's so awesome about a lazy troll?

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why are you so against trolling. everybody does it. once in a while. :P

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I'm against trolls like micmacmoc (AKA Chaffy), JC (not joecavalry the user named JC), Prodigee and Quocalimar getting tons of shit from the community whilst trolls like Hellno get glorified.

I don't feel that he is a troll in the true sense of the word. He is more of a comediene, please excue the typo. If you get to know him, he is very funny and a good friend. He only trolls if you piss him off or treat him bad. is that really a bad thing?

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So was prodigee, but he got banned.