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Do you believe we should support the police or not?

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I do not support!

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Yes. not only verbally but also demonstratively.

Giving supportive lip service to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting us from the wide range of violent criminality and anarchy is fine, but we should also organize peaceful and dignified demonstrations to show our solidarity with OUR police forces throughout the nation.

The police need our support in every way as they cannot defeat the criminals without our help and willing collaboration.

There are plenty of anti-police marches and hostile rhetoric so let's all stand up and be counted and show, unequivocally our appreciation and backing to the police.

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BACK THE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paraphrasing from David Cross here but:

Yes, of course I support the police. They work really hard, and most of them are doing really really good work. I bet they're getting really tired of having the acts of a few extreme acts done by a few them generalized to all of them and making people think all cops are related to those extreme acts. That must really suck.

Get it?

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They don't.

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Amarel(5562) Clarified
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They are also sick of actions that are justified being painted as extreme injustices.

For their part, police organizations should be more vocal in denouncing the few murderous police officers once trials and investigations prove out, though not before.

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Just like anything else we NEED, we support it. However, when a good thing goes bad, we don't! I don't blame the police, I have a Deputy Sheriff and a Chief of Police in the family, Still, when a crime is committed there should be punishment! There have been several crimes committed BY certain policemen that should have been punished! In the military, fall asleep on guard duty, you get Courts Marshalled! I blame the AG's, DA's and Police Unions for cover-ups, and the Judges for stupidity! Probably 99% of cops are great, 1% shouldn't be carrying a gun!

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BLM is destroying America, the war on cops are acts unjustified acts of generalizations intolerance and bigotry.

It's as bad as saying all .... fill in the blanks are the same.

These are further divisions and racism.

A group targeted is the same thing, isn't it?

That's not an effective way for social growth, it's a method of DECLINE!

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Without them we would have anarchy, mayhem and chaos.


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DS0330(267) Disputed
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"Without them we would have anarchy, mayhem and chaos."

You obviously don't understand the concept of society.

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Well then, oh Sage One, 'splain to me da concept.


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I always support the police. But I also support civil rights. When individual police potentially violate civil rights it should be investigated, and if the police are found to have wronged then we have solid basis to object to what the Blue did in that particular case.

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That is exactly what Barack Obama would say. Obama wants a Nationalized Police Force under the command of the president. If that does happen which it might the Leftist of this country shall golf clap and support it until a police shooting takes place at that point they will completely be confused.

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No, the police being apart of the state(a corrupt organization) and irresponsible use of power, I do not support it.

The U.S. is of course a police state, which has a ton of problems in itself.

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When I hear "Back the Blue" I think of my school, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Go Blue!!

Wolverines, baby.

Now then, as far as supporting cops? Hmm...tough question. Overall, I reckon I do support them, in that I try to be a law-abiding citizen. And I understand that they have a very tough job to do. Especially in the big cities. Hell, I wouldn't want to do it.

And I will be the first to admit I think they should be paid more! But along with that salary hike, I want to see a tougher process for them getting hired. With far more comprehensive psych evaluations. And also tougher punishments when the break the law. And especially when they wrongfully kill somebody.

I cannot blindly support all that they do, however. As a veteran myself, a combat vet, I know for a fact many ex-vets are cops today. Many OEF and OIF vets, especially. I know firsthand the lazzes faire attitude some of these kids came back here with about killing, after the war. They take this to the streets, and think that because they are still wearing a gun and a uniform they are still military or para-military and have all those same rights.

Which they certainly do not. This is not a difficult concept to understand. But it apparently is for many of them, and worse, for their supervisors and oversight departments like IAD. Far too many of them have gotten off scot-free after wrongful shootings.

This I do not support.

I think that just as we see in all professions, with the po-po you have the good and the bad. We have bad doctors, bad politicians, bad judges, and bad school teachers. So we of course also have bad cops. This also is not a difficult concept to fathom.

I also support, in a general and over-arching way, all of those professions I just mentioned. But this is not to say I do not think there's no room for improvement among them. As there most certainly is.

Same deal with cops.

sniff, sniff....what's that smell? Do you smell bacon?



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