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Battlefield is far, far, far superior

I was disappointed with call of duty ghosts gameplay

Nothing can top that video


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I don't get it. The main character is following all these guys with green labels and everywhere those guys go there's drama (in the form of guys with red labels) trying to kill you. The main character doesn't even think about trying to get as far away as possible from the guys with the green labels. They are drama magnets. I would have high tailed it out of there faster than you could say, "Wait..., what?" ;)

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Lol those little green guys are the green martians and the red guys are red martians, the blue ones are just simple little earthlings, theyre not really important :D

they did high tail it out of there didnt you see the epic super jump out of the building? Oh and this is all multiplayer, no NPCs whatsoever

Lol, you have to admit, video games are pretty crazy from when they used to be 2 little boards hitting a ball back and forth

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Hitting a ball back and forth..., yes..., that's more my speed. Not this mass mayhem and destruction ;)

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The only Battlefield game I played and like was BF 1943 and that was an awesome one for myself.

I usually like CoD because the trophies are really easy to get because I have completed all previous CoD trophies to 100% except for Black ops II which is a pain due to the stupid challenges you have to do in campaign and I don't feel like going back to the campaign and finishing stuff.

Plus I have been a fan of CoD every since mw2 came out and I have loved the experience.

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