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BLM vandalize Cuban man's restaurant for not paying them to not vandalize him


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Mafia Nazism

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The Only Black Lives Matter have successfully formed one of the largest gangster/terrorist organization in American history with their powerful use of moral blackmail ( if you voice any opposition to their so called cause, or part thereof) you will be labelled a RAY-CIST and/or a NAZI.

God damned clever these lefties, watch out.

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As you know this type of crime is called a protection racket and I'm sure this is not the first time it's happened, and we can be certain that its frequency will increase dramatically.

Once gangsters/terrorist groups such as the O.B.L.M., organization are allowed to flourish they realize that their power, which in this case was granted to them by their left-wing lackys, i.e., the so called progressive Democrats, enables them to fleece vulnerable business proprietors.

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As you know this type of crime is called a protection racket

As we all know you are a pathetic worm of a man who demands no evidence or proof of any crime whenever black people (or those defending the rights of black people) are accused of anything. You simply assume every accusation made against black people to be true, and you ask for no further confirmation before making your mind up, because you are quite clearly a disgusting racist idiot who belongs in the 17th century.

Bronto and yourself are both sick corporate Nazi shills, you are both liars, and you both belong in jail.

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