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Baldimore VS Granny

Who will win Granny or Baldimore?
Keep in mind that this battle is NOT on either of there turf so that way it is fair to both.


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I have studied this while Granny does have a much better weapon Baldimore is faster and also is more ruthless,killing you first time rather than giving you 5-6 chances

Side: Baldimore

Baldimore is on a higher level of intelligence so he could outsmart Granny in order to win. He is smart enough to teleport away from an attack however he does have his idiotic moments.He does not teleport away from the GOTTA SWEEP!

Side: Baldimore

Despite Granny having the better weapon she will be unable to hit him if he teleports away.

Side: Baldimore

Baldimore has the advantage of not having to get used to an environment he can teleport so he does not have to worry about getting lost.

Side: Baldimore

The fact that Baldimore can teleport helps him to be stealthy and can teleport behind Granny,surprising her and then he can proceed to beat her to death with his ruler.

Side: Baldimore

Baldimore can mess with Granny mentally making her think that she isn't good enough to fight and she gives up.Baldimore has been shown to be a telepathic(like when you collect the seventh notebook he screams in your head)

Side: Baldimore

Granny does have the better weapon her bat has more reach than Baldimore's ruler.

Side: Granny