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 Baltimore's Murder Rate is higher than Honduras, Guatemala, And El Salvador ! (6)

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Baltimore's Murder Rate is higher than Honduras, Guatemala, And El Salvador !

Despite the media's insistence that Baltimore is simply a lovely place to live, the numbers show a different story. Charm City, as it is affectionately called, has a higher murder rate than some of the worst countries in South America. 

The murder rate in El Salvador was 50, in Guatemala it was 22 and Honduras was 38 per 100,000.

For Baltimore it is 56 per 100,000. OOPS what happened here LEFTIST ?????????
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Despite crime, garbage and rat infestations, shameless Elijah Cummings continues to boast about how hard he works for the people in his district.

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With this piece of news the People of Baltimore will be seeking asylum in Guatemala.

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Disproportionately high rates of murder and violent crime can be expected in the towns,cities and town-lands that have large Bongo populations.

Try as they may, the Bongo apologists will never be able to disguise the self-evident truth regardless of their array of well formulated euphemisms.

The universal truth will always eclipse the gobbledegook the self-appointed champions of the Bongo.

outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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Leftist will always point to inner city poverty when they can blame someone else but they have been called out and they will scatter like the rats in Baltimore.

Cocopops(343) Clarified
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The Bongo psyche means that regardless of how much government help and attention they receive they will never be able to lift themselves out of their self-imposed poverty and squalid living conditions in which, AMONG THE FILTH AND OTHER RATS they feel comfortable.

Other, non-Bongo communities would form self-help action groups to address the horrors of accumulated, uncollected waste and vermin infestation.

The average Bongo wouldn't recognise the term self-help.

Where poverty exists among Whites and Asians these groups regard their state of destitution as a challenge, ROLL UP THEIR SLEEVES and ''GET STUCK INTO WORKING THEIR WAY OUT OF THEIR HARDSHIP''.

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Black people are EXACTLY where Democrats want them to be.

Over 90% voting for big Government Democrats.

To keep that 90% vote, Democrats must make sure they stay dependent on Social programs. The crime and killings is something the Left is willing to accept for those precious votes.

outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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What did Obama do for the People of Baltimore other than throw taxpayer dollars at the problem and claim he fixed it. Julio Castro was Obie's HUD Suckretary and what action did that Commie take to help the Precious People of Color not one damn thing.

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Baltimore's Murder Rate is higher than Honduras, Guatemala, And El Salvador !

Hello poochy boy:

Let's say that it's true.. WHO has more power to DO something about it??? A congressman who TALKS for a living.. OR a president who RUNS things.

Trump can invest money into Baltimore TOMORROW.. Cummings can't invest money into Baltimore EVER, PERIOD...

Now, fetch this stick.


outlaw60(15501) Clarified
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SUPER STUPID check out Elijah Cummings speaking in 1999 !!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

outlaw60(15501) Disputed
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SUPER STUPID Eli Cummings is doing quite well managing the crime in Baltimore. So stop whining and complaining.