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Absolutely Why not Syrians and Iraqis
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"Ban North African immigrants French citizenship" in response to Nice attack

2014 report: 66 million French pop and 6.6 million Muslim pop in France
                   67500 prisoners out of which 47250 are Muslims
                   25% of French pop has a positive attitude towards ISIS in comparison to 4% in Germany
                   35% of Muslims in France believe in Suicide bombings
In the last half a decade, 17.5 immigrants from Tunisia got French citizenship, another 14.3 percent from Algeria got the same more than any other country
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The Nice mass-slaughterer was a Tunisian where 99.1% is Sunni Muslim
Banning citizenship to North Africans and going for deportation of these immigrants is definitely a probable and practical solution, so should we do it ?


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Why not Syrians and Iraqis

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Everything considered I would strongly advocate the total banning of all Muslims from Europe. Europe's open border policy, which may have been a bold and feasible concept when it was first introduced but since then circumstances have changed very much for the worse and need to be reviewed as a matter of extreme urgency. The mule like stubbornness of insisting that the borders must stay open means that one country banning the filth will be ineffective as once in Europe the Muslims will be able to travel freely to whichever country they wish. One of the prime responsibilities of any government is the protection of it's citizens. The western governments are failing miserably in this regard. Instead on treating the disease, i.e, the Presence of Muslims, they are, worldwide, wasting trillions pussy footing around trying to keep the symptoms under control. The repatriation of millions of Muslims is an impracticable proposition but the removal of all known terrorists and terrorist sympathizers should be implemented immediately right across Europe. Continuing to permit the Muslim immigrates into European counties should be regarded as criminal negligence with a mandatory prison sentence for those responsible. Of course none of this will happen until the electorates of the Muslim infested countries vote stronger right wing governments into power.

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All I read is "waaahhhhhhh!!! I'm soooo scared!!!". Is that the jist?

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You are talking about deporting 10% of the French population. How is that practical?

Side: Why not Syrians and Iraqis

It isn't. Most of these types of immigration deportation plans are wildly impractical, and predicated upon an emotional appeal.

Side: Why not Syrians and Iraqis
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But, but, but, he said it was practical.

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