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 Barack Obama is the "Most Expensive Ex-President Ever" (29)

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Barack Obama is the "Most Expensive Ex-President Ever"

Former President Barack Hussein Obama proved again that all the rhetoric of "hope and change" and moving "forward" was nothing more than pandering to his left-wing base. According to reports, he and former First Lady Michelle Obama have become the most expensive ex-presidential couple in modern history. 

Former President Barack Obama is about to become the most expensive ex-president, costing taxpayers $1,153,000 next year, according to a new Congressional Research Service memo looking at the official allowances for the five living former chief executives. His $1,153,000 budget request for 2018 is more than $100,000 higher than George W. Bush’s request for next year and nearly $200,000 more than Bill Clinton’s expected budget. George H.W. Bush is slated to get $942,000, while Jimmy Carter will get less than half that, at just $456,000.

Obama is not simply spending the money on lavish vacations for himself and Michelle to hobnob with European socialists and their celebrity friends. They are also renting a Washington, D.C.-based office space that is over 8,000 square feet for $536,000, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

His pension payment is the highest of all living presidents, costing Americans $236,000 a year.

Obama presented himself as a"‘man of the people" who understood the troubles of the middle and lower class. As more details about his past and behind-the-scenes activities came to light, this has proven to be false.

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5 points

Even though he has been out of the White House, Obama is still taking advantage of the perks of his office at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Where is the MSM on the "Man of the People" and his expense on the American Taxpayer !

excon(17269) Disputed
1 point

Even though he has been out of the White House, Obama is still taking advantage of the perks of his office at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Hello poochy boy:

I dunno.. If Obama is taking advantage of a LAW, your anger should be directed at LAW MAKERS - NOT the people obeying the law...

Besides, don't YOU take advantage of the perks of YOUR job at the expense of your employer??? Of course, you DO.

Does this have anything to do with him being black?? Of course, it DOES.. What?? You don't call black people niggers??? OF COURSE you do..

Now, get this ball.


outlaw60(15368) Clarified
4 points

Obama's pension payment is the highest of all living presidents, costing Americans $236,000 a year.

SUPER STUPID "The Man of the People" was all about equal pay was he not ?

So all Americans should be making what Obama's pension is if he was true to his word !

Antrim(1286) Disputed
1 point

Hey Bongo, as a self confessed convicted criminal you shouldn't judge everyone by your own low Bongo standards.

Try to understand that just because stealing, rioting rape, looting and criminality in general are congenial characteristics of the primitive Bongo's pneuma doesn't mean it's a common feature of all other non Bongo races.

Limbo dancing was developed by THE BONGO as it was a physical demonstration of how low they can stoop.

1 point

If Obama is taking advantage of a LAW, your anger should be directed at LAW MAKERS - NOT the people obeying the law

Wouldn't Capitalists and billionaires simply be doing the same thing.....

Cartman(18192) Disputed
1 point

So, is it ok to use the Washington Times when disputing you in the future? Is that a news source you trust?

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
4 points

Moonbeam maybe next time i will link the LA Times and that should give you a warm and fuzzy feeling !

I wonder how much he'll donate for Hurricane Harvey? Bwahahahaha! Don't answer that. It's a round number.

2 points

Obama took the ''hypocrite's Oath'' ( not to be confused with '' the Hippocratic Oath), of;- ''do as I say, not as I do''.

He is just about everything loathsome which a human being can be all wrapped up in smug arrogance and tied with a nice pink self satisfied smirk.

With his high sounding oratorical powers he was able to hypnotize his loony left minions into believing that he was the Messiah who was sent to earth to liberate the downtrodden and unjustly treated.

When the dust settled after the defeat of his party and the extent of this mismanagement of the economy was exposed he brazenly went on an extravagant spending spree with the gusto of a self seeking and reckless hedonist.

All the while his deserted loony left sycophants and 'sheepeople' followers are left behind in his jet stream broke and confused about what the hell happened to the 'brave new order' they were promised.

He mastered the illusion of being able to convince that there really is something and personal attributes and merit are all meaningless.

This ability along with his unquestionable great oratorical talents stood him in great stead and continues to do so.

excon(17269) Disputed
1 point

Hello A:

I dunno HOW you can judge fairly when you call black people bongos? When you think their flared nostrils are PERFECT for the jungle? When you think they're just not smart enough to compete with the white man..

Nahhh... You can't judge a man when all you see is BLACK...

Did I misquote you??? You did say these things.. I try to get it right...

Oh, I know.. Because I'm calling you out on your racism, which I'm want to do, you'll call ME the racist... Well, my racist friend, I'm PROUD to have earned your hate..


outlaw60(15368) Clarified
3 points

SUPER STUPID you are STUCK ON STUPID and crying RACISM as you do continually shows it !

3 points

I dunno HOW you can judge fairly when you call black people bongos?

You just told me that you "hate white people". Is that the magic thinking in order to "judge fairly"?

Antrim(1286) Disputed
1 point

Let me guide you there Bongo.

Read and understand the reasons for your self destructive racism;-

Firstly you must accept that you attribute too much importance to yourself, I mean do you really think that I give a tinker's damn what a grubby useless little Bongo thinks?. MAN, MAN OH MAN.

It's not anyone's fault that you're a Bongo, so live with it.

Look on the bright side, being a Bongo is better than being gay, at least you didn't have to break the news to your parents, roars of laughter from the back stalls.


Having interviewed job candidates and read their C.Vs since the mid 70s I can instantaneously ascertain that you are a phony with nothing to offer but cyber hot air.

You use this site to vent your racist anger and have nothing constructive to offer on this or any other topic.

Your posts, which are always, to a greater or lesser extent tinged with racism, only serve to graphically illustrate someone who has let his racist bitterness develop into 'an anger disorder'.

What has happened to you is that your self imposed condition of toxic and destructive resentment against white people has left you feeling disempowered, devalued and victimized.

You have superimposed white racism as the reason for your failure in life whilst suppressing the real underlying cause which is that as a Bongo, you are unable to compete successfully in a white man's world.

Once you accept your inferiority you will be liberated and a whole bright new world of truth and realism will open up.

Cleaning out the toilets in 'civvy street' is no worse than it was in gaol, so stop spewing racist nonsense and get a job commensurate with your arrested intellect;- you'll be a happy man.





Ah ha, that wasn't too bad.

Yes sirree BONGO, that's you all over.

1 point

Maybe he'll run for a nonconsecutive third term and then you won't have to worry about his ex Pres budget for a while?

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
4 points

"The Man of the People" was all about equal pay for all ! So you are saying that we should all have the budget of a Ex Pres being he was about equality for all !

Grenache(6054) Disputed
1 point

No, I'm saying he costs you less as an ex President then as a sitting President.

Do you disagree with that?

1 point

Watch this QallOut debate and let me know what you think, I think it speaks for itself:

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
4 points

Obama's pension payment is the highest of all living presidents, costing Americans $236,000 a year.

Where is the equality the effective and successful overall President presented on equal pay?

2 points

He bombed Libya unprovoked, was accused of conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood by Egypt and Turkey, was disrespected by China, and created the biggest healthcare disaster in American history. What the heck are you talking about?

1 point

Expensive for who? What this really means is Obama cost very rich people a lot of money. GREAT! Better them than Joe Bloggs working a 9 - 5. The degree of economic growth and decreases in financial inequality during Obama's tenure should be more than enough evidence that he sought to work for the many, not the few. Expensive? Yes. But in the right way.

Unlike the Oompa Loompa, who wants to waste billions on a wall that can simply be tunnelled under; who wants to cut healthcare subsidies and force everybody who isn't rich back into the 1800's.

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
2 points

The Leftist says Obama is costing the rich people not the taxpayers ! How many times are you Leftist going to rerun the rich people scenario ?

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
2 points

If you paid attention you might know what is spent in tax dollars on Sanctuary Cities that do nothing with the money for the illegal wetbacks the Left claims to cherish !

1 point

Expensive for who? What this really means is Obama cost very rich people a lot of money.

No. You pay taxes just like the rich, or you will some day. Obama is digging in your pockets or will when you enter the work force. Congrats. I hope he only grabs your wallet while he's in there.

seanB(950) Disputed
1 point

If I were extremely wealthy, I would be quite happy to pay 50% or 60% or 70% of my income in taxes, if it meant the people in my country didn't have to suffer for basic human necessities. I pay 20 - 40% tax in the UK, on a modest wage, and I get student loan deductions taken from that as well. Meanwhile, multi-billion dollar corporations and rich conservative politicians bypass tax laws and end up paying nothing: then they hark on about the "benefits bill" and the "welfare state" as if it is the reason why poor people are poor.

Poor people are poor because most wages are shit, education costs too much, jobs are difficult to get and harder to keep, employers progressively seem to have less and less sense of duty or humanity, and huge, grotesquely rich corporations and individuals (the same ones on the TV blaming poor people for the world's problems) are avoiding paying their fair share.

I've been lucky enough to find a career that interests me, and I've earned my education -- I managed to get it started before the huge increases in living costs and tuition fees came about -- but the new generation of this country is going to be the first generation in history that is worse off than the one that came before them: and if you ask any British economist, they will tell you that it is because of the political and economic decisions of these kids' parents and grandparents.

In the 1960's in the UK, 640 hours work at the average wage would have bought an average priced home. In the 1970's, just over 1,300 hours at the average British wage would have bought an averagely priced home. Now, it would take the average wage-earner over 15,600 hours to buy the average-priced home.

That's not "millenial laziness" or "poor life choices" or "not knowing the value of work", or any of that other bullshit that older folks like to spew about. That's just plain fucking unadulterated, indisputable fact. Kids nowadays have it far, far harder when it comes to money and opportunity. And not only are the older generation wiling to vote them out of a better deal -- out of free healthcare and cheaper education and fairer wages -- but they're also willing to saddle these kids with the bills for their retirement. All these know-it-all crusty old bastards that take from these kids with one hand and shaft them up the ass with the other.