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Barack Obama on Religion

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Obama on Religion

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I have been disappointed with obama's movement away from the left and his morals in an attempt to get more of the vote but I'm glad that he at least has a strong understanding of the place of religion in people's lives and with respect to the government. Too few democrats are willing to say such things about religion and for a person in his current position and risk, i am glad for this especially how he admits to the wishes of non-believers or atheists for they are people to. He may not have been the best choice candidate at the start but certainly the best choice we have now.

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I agree that his movement toward the center is disappointing, but it's probably necessary. This is actually an older speech (2006), I would be surprised to hear him say something like this now that he's on the campaign trail. And with good reason: there's this one video on YouTube that edits this speech down to like five seconds and adds in commentary attacking Obama as being anti-Christian. That video's gotten a whopping 3 million views. This one has barley gotten 13 thousand. Yay for American politics.

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I think Obama really nails it on the head with this one. He offers intelligent insights into the roles of both religion and politics. He demonstrates the thoughtfulness that a President should posses.

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Barack Obama has scored a home run with his views on religion vis-a-vis politics. Albeit made in 2006 it packs the same punch as it would have 20 years ago or 20 years from now. Our nation cannot be run as strictly as a religion might but must be guided by an ethical and moral standard which serves ALL citizens.

Once again, in this election, the subject of equality has reared its ugly head. When Thomas Jefferson crafted The Declaration of Independence he included the passage: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The Bible tells us that all men are equal in the eyes of God. Dr. Martin Luther King used the phrase in his "I Have a Dream" speech. Lincoln tried to have the laws of slavery changed by arguing for their release using that passage. How did he fail to convince the legislature that the words contained in The Declaration of Independence held no absolute duty for them? People talk about equality all the time and over these many years as though God has failed them in some way! Didn't He tell us that all men are equal in His eyes? If He said it, it must be so. He did say it. The Declaration of Independence said it. Dr. King and all those who came before and after him said it. So...why has God failed us? Easy answer: There is no God. Hard answer: We have failed God and ourselves. We have allowed, through our own greed and abject cruelty, that men be treated as slaves, as cattle and virtually as worthless objects to do our bidding. We have gone against God and everything we hold dear or sacred. We have gone against any and every code of decency imaginable and yet, we have traveled far down the avenue of equality. And even though there is more work to do, let us do it because it is right...and we know it to be so.

In politics there must be a moral and ethical code by which to live and to hold right and wrong up to in order to scrutinize and eventually draft laws that speak to all people, no matter what beliefs are held. I think it's a pretty hard job and I applaud those who take up the gauntlet. I applaud Senator Obama's speech and his thoughtfulness on this very difficult subject.

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These are just excerpts from a 40 minute speech. The entire thing can be viewed here:;=416343938

(scroll down, it's the last video listed in the panel on the right)

Here's a transcript:

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I didn't watch the video and I only read part of the transcript but 2 things came to mind.

1. He realizes that he needs the religious vote to win.

2. A lawyer talking about morality?

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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"I didn't watch the video"

Dude, it's five minutes.

"He realizes that he needs the religious vote to win."

First, if you watch the full video (not these excerpts), Obama's religious convictions show through quite strongly. It seems to me that he hasn't molded himself in order to fit some image, but rather he's gotten as far as he has because of who he is.

Also, this speech was given in 2006, before anyone knew anything about him. This is not a campaign speech.

"A lawyer talking about morality?"

This again? Ok, fine, I'll take this silly argument seriously: Obama was a civil rights attorney. "He chose Miner's Chicago civil rights firm, where he represented community organizers, discrimination victims and black voters trying to force a redrawing of city ward boundaries." source What a scoundrel!

I think you need to take your head out of the sand (or wherever you have stuck it) and evaluate this election with an open mind. Obama is clearly the stronger candidate.

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It's so obvious that Barack Obama is an Atheist, and I'm glad.

We can't have someone who believes in a big magical being who controls everything in office.

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It is now 2015 and there are still some folks who deny that President Obama is a Christian. Well, they are wrong!

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Hmm.. interesting. Did anyone see him slip and say "my Muslim faith."? The reporter had to quickly interrupt him and say "your Christian faith" and then he comes back saying "right, my Christian faith". It doesn't matter if he is Muslim, it's not like he is a Jihadist or anything, but the point is he is lying about being a Christian.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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The interview where he made this gaffe is below.

It's clear he simply misspoke. He was trying to say that some conservatives were accusing him of having a Muslim faith. If you look at the speech I mentioned above (not just the excerpts, but the full speech), his Christian convictions show through quite strongly.

I think it's true that he has more respect for the Muslim religion then your typical American, but to say he is a Muslim or that he is lying about his Christian faith is simply slander.

Obama Interview
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I do believe that it was Dr. King who said we are all equal because God made us equal. if we eliminate religion in that field... i guess we really have no true authority to say who's equal and who's not.

i don't care though, since i don't believe in a higher moral authority. "All men are created equal"... who says? some people? why does their opinion count more than mine? or more than a skin head, or black panther, who says we're not all equal.

Try and say God, pfft, seperation of church and state ya bastards, you can't bring that moral authority around here.

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jessald(1915) Disputed
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You're saying that without religion there's no moral authority and therefore nihilism is correct?

What does that have to do with Obama's speech?

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ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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just a response to extreme secularism. the irony of the whole belief. yes, i'm secular, but why go with the boring side? so i might as well attack extreme secularism.

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