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 Based on my picture, how old do I look? (28)

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Saurbaby(5579) pic

Based on my picture, how old do I look?


A lot of people tell me I look this one certain age without my makeup on, so tell me, how old do you think I look? 


Attention whoring away ;) lol

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I would suspect peple tell you that you look 16 (a compliment) in the real guess is about I close with either?

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Lol, 16 isn't really a compliment but thank you for intending one.

And 16 is EXACTLY what people always say.

I'm 18 though :)

19? 20? I don't know. What else can you with that tongue ;)

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Eighteen lol

And I don't know, I can make a clover shape with it too, among other things ;)

Well..., my tongue is so long that I have to fold it in half in order to get it into my mouth. I think I've posted a picture of that somewhere. ;)

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19ish? I don't know... but your eyes aren't really red are they? LOL

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I didn't even realize they looked red X) They're brown. A fairly light brown.

And I'm eighteen. :)

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LOL! Well it's a nice pic Saurbaby! You kind of look like your avatar! ;)

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erased squirreled poof by bye gone vanished adios adios so long

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I would say that with the facial expression, you can be no older than 14 but with the whole picture, somewhere around 16 should be fine.

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Lol, everyone goofs off every once in awhile. X)

I'm eighteen.

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Do I win a cookie?

If you do make sure that you half it with me. =]

I already know you are 18 because you told me in the past. are really pretty by the way, i like your eyebrow piercing ;)

i think you are 19/20?

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Thanks :) I love it. But I can't wear a normal piercing at one of my jobs :( Only clear. It's a pain in the ass to constantly be changing it, but oh wll.

I'm 18, I turn 19 in April, so you were close :)

Between 1 and 20------------------------------------------------------

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Lol, I don't know if I should say you're really close, or really off. I'm 18 X)

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I'm weird in that I think it is insulting to underestimate an individual's age, whereas it is complimentary to overestimate. Thus, if I said that you appeared to be, say, 45, I'd be lauding you tremendously, whereas to say that you were in your sixteenth year would be a huge insult.

Thus, I'll go with twenty-one. Probably an overestimate, but no point in being insulting.

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It depends on the persons age. If they are old you want to underestimate their age, if they are really young you want to overestimate.

You already said how old you are, but i would have probably guessed 19