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Basketball is the best sport

I asked my friends which sport is best, but I didn't know if they liked basketball.


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For me, I think it is the best sport, you can do skills to entertain people. Slam dunks, three pointers, ally-oops. Most of all, I think it is the best sport.

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Yes it is probably the most entertaining sport. I tend not to like sports where there is not much score like soccer or where the play is slow like american football. Basketball is nice and fast-paced and there is high scoring.

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I think that basketball is not the best sport. In fact I don't think that there even is a "best" sport. Basketball just includes alot of men or women running around and a squeaky court as they douse their jerseys in sweat and water or gatorade. While interesting tricks can be involved, many other sports have the same variety of different tricks and ways to score. In some ways all sports are pretty much the same. So my statement is no, basketball is not the best sport.

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You are right by some points but you have some points wrong, but do you think Basketball is the best sport to watch?

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It's mainly just giants doing a lot of running. .................................................................

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I like it, but the only sport I'm decent at, is table-tennis. But on TV, the most entertaining IMO are Tennis, Football (soccer), Car Racing, Swimming and sprinting. But basketball is very fun.

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