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Batman Vs. The Punisher

So who do you think would win if DC and Marvel's biggest baddass got in a fight? 


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Batman would win easily due to all his cool gadgets and hand to hand combat.

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Thats true. I agree with you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think Batman would win because he knows all forms of hand to hand combat. He is a expert at detective work. If you played Batman Arkam Asylum or Arkam City then you will know what I am talking about. He can also blend into the dark and pretty good stealthy wise

Side: Batman

Bruce Wayne is suave and well-educated, so, he could use his prowess against The Punisher and win.

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As a Marvel fanboy I'll have to go with the Punisher.

Aside from the Punisher being my favorite comic book 'hero', the Punisher kills people - Batman doesn't, so naturally Batman would get fuuuuucked up :D

Side: Punisher
Srom(12207) Disputed
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Batman is a expert of hand to hand combat and knows all forms of it he can also blend into the dark and be stealthy. Batman knocks people out.

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being a person who likes going against the majority i will go with punisher i agree the punisher kill people hes like an assassin me personally i think batman is horrible

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Bat man may have hand to hand won but punisher has the guns . And since someone on batman's side is.using the arkham games I will to . Why does batman have to hide from a lot of the enemies in Arkham Origins Black Gate ? Because they carry assault rifles . What does punisher use as a primary weapon ? assault rifles.

Side: Punisher