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Batman? Iron Man!
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Batman vs Iron Man, Who Would Win?

Please stay nice, relevant, and appropriate. Moral codes apply and main universe powers only.


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Iron Man!

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Although Iron-man has high tech equipment, (aka a metal suit with lasers) Batman has more than just one piece of high tech equipment. He has a whole bunch of the variants of the bat car, he has a cool equipment belt. Hell, he even has a suit kind of like Iron man. Minus the lasers. Batman is also smarter and more cunning.

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But Iron Man has his hulk-buster suit, which would give him a big size advantage...

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Batman hes just plain better........................................................

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Who has much more super smarts? Who invented his own super suits, instead of paying someone to do it. Who has lasers he shoots from his hands, and a super computer inside a virtually indestructible suit? Iron Man. Who is an interesting character? Iron Man.

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Tony's main job before Iron Man was a weapon's manufacturer, he has the intelligence, ability, know-how and means to beat Batman. He also has multiple suits for each occasion and the stubborn pride it takes to defeat Bruce. But it's kind of moot because they'll bond over the tragedy of their parents death and Maria is really close to Martha

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