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Battlefield 3 good game or bad game

Good game

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Bad game

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I own it, I think it is a great game! My favorite campaign mission is the last one.

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When i first played it I noticed that it is very realistic. I was used to playing Call of Duty so when I played this I felt like a newbie. Quickscoping on Call of Duty is nothing like it is on Battlefield. It also has a better use of machinery. I like Battlefield 3 I think It was a success.

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Srom(12120) Clarified
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What system do you have? Plus I didn't know you play video game that's interesting.

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I usually play on my Xbox 360. I love gaming. I lol lots of things. I know quite a bit about gaming too. I would use my PS3 but my Xbox 360 is just more entertaining.

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Battlefield 3 is a good game! I love playing it because its really good and realistic.

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I wouldn't say its a bad game, just not a good game. Yes the graphics were good and some of the vehicles were cool but in all honesty, I didn't find it fun. I enjoyed playing MAG more.

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Being a vault, it would likely have robust security measures in place, protecting valuable gaming artifacts and items from theft or damage.

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