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Beautiful people: got any work done?

I was recently viewing an article on People en Espanol that catalogued a number of celebrities who have - or have been rumored to have - had cosmetic procedures performed to augment their appearances. Ever since I viewd that article, I've been mulling over a question (geared towards men, primarily) that I want to bring up now. Data collated by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows that in 2009 alone, there were just under 10 million cosmetic procedures performed. And the largest market is still women. So, in the course of a conversation or a relationship, should it now be considered appropriate and necessary to ask a woman if she has had (a) cosmetic procedure(s) performed on her? A quick digression: the implications for surgery and other non-surgical procedures for mating selection seem particularly relevant and important here.

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If you plan on spending a good piece of your life with someone, how they got their looks shouldn't be a secret. After all its not all about whats on the outside, partly on the inside right? ;)

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Stands to fit doesn't it? Now if you want to avoid this problem just try and find someone who doesn't appear to have a melted plastic bag on your face and you should be home free.

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It is necessary to ask a woman if she has had (a) cosmetic procedure(s) performed on her because the answer to that question says a lot about her.

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If you are really devoted and in love with someone, you should know EVERYTHING about them, that included.

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One should tread lightly, but I see no reason to abstain from asking altogether. If your mate has had work done, surely you have a right to know?

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I've always wanted to point my ears, just to be quirky... and then I looked it up- apparently it's a new fashion- so, definitely not. Yes, you shouldn't have to ask- they should tell you on the first date.

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No matter the answer the question would seem insulting to a a lot of women, sure some would be proud of it but most will tell you themselves eventually.

As far as mate selection goes I can see your point, men are attracted to certain characteristics. On an animal level we size women up for their reproductive health. Characteristics such as a full bust, small waist and wide hips which indicate an ability to bear and nurse young without too much complication. If many women are hiding their true form through cosmetic surgery then this would lead to the propagation of certain genes in the gene pool, genes which would lead to more birth difficulty and problems with nursing, leading to a devolution of stronger genes as they would be weeded out.

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