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 Beer, Wine, or Liquor (7)

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Beer, Wine, or Liquor

What’s your order of preference and why?
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As for my rum I scream at it and tell it to ferment faster and I play satanic black metal around it at all times.

EldonG(539) Clarified
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I never could get into black metal - well, not past some of the more theatrical stuff, like Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth, and maybe a little Behemoth.

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Beer, liquor, wine - but that's today. Tomorrow it may be the reverse. I do enjoy them all, in moderation - but the only one I can call myself moderately knowledgeable about is beer.

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In that order, Beer.. Wine... Liquor...

Which is good, because I live in Texas. Texas is the promised land of beer. What, did you think it was Wisconsin? Don't be ridiculous.

I like most all beer, but I prefer my beers strong. I'm not picky. Anything from high gravity malt liquor to swamp water, and even piss water. I'll drink it all. I don't really like fruit flavors in my beer though... I think I drank way too many 4-lokos back in the day, and then woke up one day realizing that I like bitter flavors more.

Which is why I gotta give wine second place. Don't get me wrong, I like wine, I just prefer beer. I don't really drink a lot of wine.

I rotted my guts out drinking liquor when I was younger, so I don't really drink liquor any more. Every so often I'll have a shot. It's all really liquor to me, and I like it all. Vodka, gin, brandy, tequila, any of that. I may be the tzar, but I'll take a good whiskey over vodka.

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It wasn't all that long ago that beer brewing in Texas belonged to Shiner...and Pabst, I suppose...but it's wide-open now, and there are so many excellent breweries that I've lost track. Probably my favorite at this time is Real Ale - they brew a number of my favorites - Black Quad and Real Heavy stand out - but Revolver is amazing with their Blood and Honey as is Lakewood with the Temptress. The Kraken has to be the best I've ever had, but finding it borders on insane, and it doesn't come cheap!

TzarPepe(766) Clarified
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I've got some stories about Real Ale! Good stuff, I agree. I've probably drank more of the fireman's number 4 more than any of their other brews. I think they are based in Austin? I could be wrong, but they are definitely Texas.

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I like expensive beer, cheap wine, and quality hard liquor in that order. I like the variety that has arrived on the beer scene in recent years, but I hate IPA’s. I think most people force themselves to like IPA’s because it was trendy.

Though I prefer all kinds of micro-brews and imports, I’ve been drinking more wine than beer lately. Reds are my preference and I occasionally make my own.

I only recently discovered my taste for single malt scotch. I also approve of various mixed drinks. Liquor is usually good enough if it’s not in a plastic bottle.

I prefer hog milk directly from the teet. It gets me high and horny.

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Grape nutrients

Barley hops and starch nutrients

No nutrients

Hard liquor is good for getting drunk, but it does not help you in the long run, wine and beer are actually healthy in moderation. I always sing to my grapes to make them fight cancer. And I always massage my hops and whisper sweet nothings into it before a brew.