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Being unwanted is the most terrible of diseases

Is their anything worse and painful than the feeling of being not wanted ?? Is their anything much worse than suffering from solitude and loneliness ?? What do u say ?

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“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling of bring unwanted”- Mother Teresa

Most people will define a disease as a structure, function, disorder in a human animal or plant, especially on that exhibits specific symptoms or that affect a specific location and is not simply a direct cause of physical injury. But, a disease can also be defined as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome and according to this definition being unwanted can be classified as a disease.

Being unwanted is one of the foremost psychological traits examined when one is mentally ill- depression, bipolarity, anorexia, schizophrenia are all fueled by this feeling. In fact, it is being unwanted that mostly leads to committing suicide. If being unwanted can make people commit suicide, then why can’t it be tagged the most terrible disease. It is a sign of psychologically diseased mind which is every bit as important as the physical disease.

Being unwanted can be divide into two things- Loneliness and unlovable. Loneliness and the being unwanted as grown significantly in the past 50 years and is pervasive in today’s culture. “It is one of the greatest health crisis of our time” states Freiberg and others. The university of Chicago claims is lethal. The chronically lonely are more likely to become diabetic, have sleep disorder, high blood pressure, acquire Alzheimer which is the fifth deadliest disease in the world, and have poor functioning immune system in which they will be prone to more deadly diseases. In 1970, 17% of us lived alone but know it as being estimated that one third of American adults lives alone, sleep alone, eat alone, with 44 million over the age of 45 years suffering from chronic loneliness as measured by UCLA Loneliness scale. One in four Americans report that they spoke to no one about something important to them in the past six months. Even in the Christian bible after GOD created Adam, he realized he was lonely and decided to create Eve to support him and share his felling with him, even God knows being lonely is terrible.

Acceptance and love are fundamental human needs. Abraham Maslow who studied motivation and need, identified “love and belonging” as one of the five essential human needs in order to live their lives to the fullest. Many people worry they lack the belonging and acceptance they require to meet this need. They might feel unworthy of being loved by others.

Being unwanted forces people into thing never wanted to do or they don’t want to do. Things like cultism-just because they want to be accepted, just because they want to be loved or just because they want to feel like they belong somewhere. Being unwanted can also lead to bullying. It has been proven that most kids bully others to fit into a clique, even if it means going against their better judgement. Often these kids are more concerned with fitting in and being accepted that they never think about the consequence of bullying. Being unwanted also leads to teenage pregnancy in the sense that most parent don’t have time for their children either because of work or other things. So by the time the child finds someone that cares about her, she will do anything to keep the person by her side even if it means losing her virginity and she eventually becomes pregnant, girls that once had a dream of becoming something significant in life but because they were lonely and neglected they gave all that up.

They say being unwanted is a wound that never heals. I say an unwanted child never forgets.

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I'm mostly somewhere in between. Because yes, it hurts to be unwanted, especially by people you care about. But at the same time no

Let's start with this point of view. I've read some of the other inputs from both sides and when you say there are "Life ruining physical diseases" it's not entirely wrong, but it's not correct either.

Being unwanted affects your life more than you think. The mentality of your mind and way of thinking get's disabled so freaking much. It can cause especially very bad trust issues and fear of opening up later in life. Even your physical health can get ruined.

So yes, there are worse diseases and i wouldn't call "being unwanted" a disease, but it's definitely something we need to be more careful with. Make people feel inclusive and welcome <3

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No. Some diseases are there for life, and they're painful... and there's nothing you can do about it. Being lonely is not something you can do nothing about.

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Also a good point here .

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It would be if you could class it as a disease, but I wouldn't have thought ti was a disease....!

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Well not accounting for what Jungelson just said, I have to as well add, that there is STDs, Cancer, etc... I'd much rather have some depression. Though I understand your pain and sympathize really, however being unwanted is not the most terrible disease, if it was even a disease at all.

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Thank you for your valuable views. What you said was on physical level but what about the mental level ? The psychological trauma ?? Agreed that STD's and cancer are something that any person would want to avoid that is if given an option, but if he cannot then what happens. Wouldnt it be worse if he did not have anybody to support him ?? If he had to carry his pain all alone ??

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Well anything on a mental level, wouldn't account as diseases as much as it would account for disorders. Also knowing that you are not going to live very long, or that sex with you significantly highers the chance that others would be less willing to mate with you making you grossly undesireable, I could argue is psychologically damaging in it's own right. Though anything purely emotional, or psychological I do not think there are any diseases like that, (at least that I am aware of) thus it is more appropriate especially with at the most what you could call depression to compare disorders that are purely psychological rather than diseases. You also have Schizofrenia, I have an uncle with paranoid schizophrenia from the age of 5 or (which means it is quite extreme) and from what I can tell... it is absolutely horrid... imagine living an entire life within a world of the most vivid, realistic delusions ever and the real world, completely incapable of tell them apart. You have voices in your head, you see things that aren't there, they manipulate you, you can't tell real from delusion, you are incapable of taking care of yourself, and your violent tendencies makes you a threat to all within society. Not accounting for the shitload of medication they have to put you on. There is also P.T.S.D., I imagine that is pretty difficult as well. I think a lot of people tend to forget that the chances of them having the worst in not all that high at all... if you don't look at your situation circumstantially at all taking into account as many situations you know exist, there is about a 1/7,000,000,000 chance that you have the worst, this is true for everyone. Though I only say this, because this is what the debate asked of me, the fact that people in worse situations do not invalidate the feelings of melancholy in any given situation.

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