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This was just easy money. This was racism.
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 This was just easy money. (3)
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Belfast City Airport;- Black woman stopped for looking foreign.

The Home Office settled a case which was supported by the Equality Commission with a Black woman after she alleged an immigration officer stopped her because she looked foreign. Speaking afterwards she said, ''I thought then and I still think now, that I was stopped because I was black''. No one actually said she looked foreign because she was black, or for any other reason, so, all you have to do is ''THINK'' you're being racially victimised and the accused party is automatically guilty. 

This was just easy money.

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This was racism.

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Kinda like the thought patrol- no proof needed, just suspicion. Really scary. Say hello to Big Brother.

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The precedent has now been set. Wait for the queues of Black people forming for their payouts for thinking that officials looked at them with suspicion.

Side: This was just easy money.
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Seriously.. why dont you actually read the full story. Once again your response is "I am scared!!! Let me be angry about it because its more manly!!". So frustrating.

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Side: This was just easy money.
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Sure sounds like racism.

And to this I say, "Jolly good show, mates. Keep up the good work!"

I for the life of me cannot see the problem with racial profiling in airports. It is a proven fact that the vast majority if not all of the terrorists like those from 9/11 were NOT white angle-saxon protestants.

Fact: Per capita, blacks for far more violent crime in American than their white counterparts.

Fact: Racial Profiling saves lives. Who knows? If it had been done a bit better and mnore thoroughly maybe we could have stopped 9/11.

Fact: Europe is overrun with radical Muslim extremists and terrorists.

Fact: God knows that Belfast has vast experience with terrorism. So they are well within their collective right to take any pre-emptive counter measures they need to in order to stem the tide. If this entails hurting some black lady's feelings, that's just too fucking bad, mate.

Fact: Many blacks in Europe are Muslim.

Fact: Once again, "Good show Belfast!" I hope you gave that woman a jolly-good rogering afterwards!" LOL


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The problem with racial profiling is that we are really bad at it. We don't give a shit where you might come from. Israel has perfected racial profiling. They can tell people apart from what country they are from. We see Middle Easterners, or Africans. They see Jordanians, Pakistanis, Egyptian, etc.

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But for now, don't you agree it's safer to do some unnecessary checking than none at all?

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Israel is good at it because they have been doing it for a long time and practice indeed makes perfect. Plus, they have a killer Intel department. (which gets most of their funding from guess who?)

If we practiced it more, as we need to, we would get better at it as well.

Look-- no true patriot and opponent of terrorism has a problem with Racial Profiling, as long as it is done with the intent of stopping terrorism and saving lives and making us all safer.

My cousin is a perfect example. He was born and raised here and is a law abiding citizen and married guy. He works as a Cyber-Security Consultant out of a University in California. He flies a lot for his job. He has some mixed ancestry, and has some Italian and Slavic blood, and he wears a scruffy beard--like many computer geeks.

So he has "the look." Thirty-ish middle-eastern looking male travelling alone. He gets pulled aside all the freaking time at airports. He just laughs about it. He knows what's going on and that it's not an indictment on his character. Just on his appearance, since he happens to share a little resemblance to the types of shit-birds who fly jumbo jets into our fucking skyscrapers.


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Might want to tell people the whole story there Sparky: casesettledwithHomeOffice.pdf

She was awarded 2000 pounds in damages.

The features there were wrong about this case were...

1) The woman was not travelling so the immigration official had no jurisdiction to ask her for her passport details. In the UK there is no obligation to even carry ID.

2) The statement that she "‘looked foreign and not from here".

3) She had proven that she was a British citizen but yet they did an immigration check on her children and mother in law. There were no grounds to do this and this is especially grave considering that she wasn't even travelling.

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